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  1. My cpu stays perfectly normal in temps (stays in the 60C-70C range) However, my CPU utilization is around 90% while GPU utlizationhovers around 50%. The classic CPU bottleneck indication.
  2. PUBG, GTA V, Farcry 5, Assassin's Creed Origins, COD Warzone (The multiplayer runs well, warzone has become a stuttery mess. Used to run perfectly when it had just come out). Basically those games that require a lot of CPU simulation.
  3. Thanks for letting me know, I'll try this out. Siege runs perfect tho. I get 150+ FPS on maxed out at 1080p. If i turn it to low @1080p, i get close to, or equal to 200 FPS.
  4. Yes, I'm using Dual Channel at 1600mhz. Not all of my games but the ones that are CPU intensive. Games that benefit more from GPU run flawlessly.
  5. The "k" and the 4.8Ghz. That's the difference my guy. I've seen some benchmarks on youtube. They agree to the strange bottleneck between an i7-4790 and a GTX 1070. I've noticed this too. If I'm playing Farcry 5 on 1080p, i'll get 60-70 fps and dips to 40 on all ultra. If i change that to 4k, all bottleneck is eliminated and i get a very stable 56 FPS on all maxed out.
  6. Hi, i have an i7-4790 paired with a GTX 1070 with 16gb RAM. In every CPU intensive game, i get very very terrible bottleneck. I'm saying bottleneck because of the very low fps. In PUBG, i get 40-50-60 FPS on all max @1080p where it should be constant 100+. Decreasing the graphic settings does not increase my FPS. Not only PUBG, but Farcry, COD WARZONE and GTA etc. All games stutter like hell. YES, MY TEMPS ARE ABSOLUTELY FINE. It's the CPU/GPU utilization. I get high CPU usage and low GPU usage when playing CPU demanding games. I have tried every fix i could but nothing helped. The fix i have in mind: Upgrade my CPU. So, I'm thinking of upgrading my CPU to AMD RYZEN. Now i can upgrade to Ryzen 5 3600 with no problems since it's easily availaible and doesn't cost that much either. But my friend is telling me to wait for AMD to launch it's next gen CPUs and that's what i wanna do as well. I also want something that is future proof. Maybe something like a Ryzen 7 3700x but the difference in the cost between R5 and R7 is huge. Since the price for a better mobo,ram should also be kept in mind. (ryzen 7). I have 3 options: Upgrade to Ryzen 5 3600 and release myself from this bottlenecking hell Upgrade to Ryzen 7 3700x will have to wait till next summer (around 5-6 months) Wait for 5th Gen AMD. What should i do?
  7. So i should just leave it as is? Not worth opening, cleaning and re-applying?
  8. Is this amount ok or too much? It's an MSI Gaming X GTX1070. I have closed the GPU now and there is a noticeable decrease in temps. If it's too much, i can open it back up and clean it and re-apply.
  9. Hi all, I have noticed that if i disable my CPU's onboard integrated GPU, my in-game FPS takes a hit regardless of the fact that i have a dedicated GPU running all my games. Doesn't matter where i disable my iGPU from (device manager or the BIOS), it still causes this problem. YES MY DISPLAY CABLE IS PLUGGED INTO MY GPU AND NOT IN MY MOTHERBOARD. So after some performance monitoring, i found out that my dedicated GPU's utilization drops if i disable my iGPU. Such as when playing RDR2, i get around 95%-98% utlization and 60-70 FPS on average. After i disabled my iGPU, my utlization dropped to 60%-70% and my FPS to 40-48. I have asked this question on different forums and no one could tell why this is happening. This happens in other games as well. Almost as if the iGPU was running in SLI lol. I disabled it in the first place because i had a few GPU driver/registering issues with a few softwares. Now i have re-enabled it but I'm still curious why this happens. Is it the windows? the GPU drivers? my motherboard? My GPU BIOS?. I'm considering to upgrade to a Ryzen soon and there will be no iGPUs to help me there. What sorcery is this?\ PC Specs: i7-4790 cooled by Cooler Master MA410p, 16GB DDR3 1600mhz, MSI Gaming X GTX 1070, 240GB GIGABYTE SSD (boot), 2TB WD Blue HDD (Games), CORSAIR HX620 PSU
  10. My friend who was helping me when i was re-applying the thermal paste also said that it can't be the thermal paste. I used CoolerMaster MasterGel (The one that was included in my CPU cooler's box).
  11. Hi, i have been noticing that my GPU is idling at 51°C @961mhz (Fans running at 61% and even on 100% fan speed temperature stays the same. Removing the side panel reduces 2°C-3°C) I think this is a bit higher than what it should be? Even in 99% load, it stays at 75°C-77°C. I changed the thermal paste on it almost a month ago and immedielty after, i noticed a 7°C drop in temperature. Instead of the dot method, I spread the thermal paste on the GPU. Can that effect the contact between the heatsink and the GPU dye? Now it's back to what it used to be. It's 35°C in day time where i live and 25°C at night but my GPU stays at 51°C in daytime and 47°C-48°C at night time. I'm thinking of re-applying the thermal paste and cleaning the heatsink and using an airblower on my card to clean it. Any help will be appericiated. Edit: I changed my power profile from HIGH PERFORMANCE to Balanced in windows and also in Nvidea Control Panel (Changed from Prefer Maximum Performance to Adaptive). This did not help with the temperatrures. Edit (2): My card didn't idle at 961mhz before. It used to be at 300mhz-400mhz. Shall i try software trouble shooting (DDU, installing older drivers etc)? Edit (3): I use 2 monitors. One is a simple Dell 1920x1080p 60hz monitor (secondary) and an AOC 24G2 1920x1080 144hz (primary). Turning off my secondary monitor reduced my temperature from 51°C to 45°C in a 10 seconds. PC Specs: Specs: i7-4790 cooled by Cooler Master MA410p, 16GB DDR3 1600mhz, MSI Gaming X GTX 1070, 240GB GIGABYTE SSD (boot), 2TB WD Blue HDD (Games), CORSAIR HX620 PSU.
  12. Hi guys, i'm thinking about pre-ordering Cyberpunk 2077. Now i'm not sure if it'll still cost 30$ after release that's why i should buy it now? Or should i wait for it to release and then wait till holdiay season and get it on a discount?
  13. Hi, I have a wierd question: I've been looking for a full table mouse pad and found this Phillips momentum for around $21 USD. Since it's a budget mousepad i don't expect it to be anything water resistant or very durable. Now i don't want to spend a lot on a mousepad and I mentioned water resistant and durable because I'm very clumsy and i drop/spill things a lot. I also have a bad habbit of eating on my computer table and sometimes i end up spilling my drinks on the mousepad and the table. Ofcourse i can just wash my current mousepad with water but i'm not certain about an RGB one. I have seen a few videos online on how to clean them but i didn't find any on on how to remove soft drinks etc from an RGB mousepad without damaging it haha. Should i just stick with my current non-RGB mousepad or should i change my habbits and go for the RGB one? (Image from google)
  14. Hi, i've noticed that my C:\ drive keeps filling itself up without any reason. I'm not installing any new software, not downloading anything in it and it's only for system files and softwares. A few days ago, i had 162GB free. A few days later, i only have 137GB free? I haven't installed any new software and still so much of my space is going somewhere? What i have tried to fix it: Running disk cleanup and cleaning unneccassary files. No Windows.old or Upgrade folder was there Deleting temporary files from %temp% directory Disabling and deleting system restore points Emptying my recycle bin Running a complete scan of C:\ drive from Windows defender to check for malware (none found) Double checking all of my C:\ drive folders to look for any videos or photos etc. None of the methods stated above helped me in the way i was expecting them to. Any help would be greatly appericieated. Thanks!
  15. I haven't had any problems not even a single one so far with this PSU but i think i should upgrade before waiting to find out. I was concerned about this and asked a few people for help (last year). Everyone said that this PSU is good enough and as long as you don't run into issues, you'll be fine. However, I have my eyes on some PSUs. Let me know if any of these are worth buying. Corsair TX650M 650W 80 Plus Gold Semi-Modular Power Supply (Expensive in my country) Cooler Master MWE GOLD 750Watts FULLY MODULAR Power Supply (around $35 cheaper than the corsair one in my country) i'll appericate if you have better suggestions. My budget is around $100 US