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    17yo student studying IT and PC hardware. But I am too poor to actually get my hands on any good PC hardware and make myself a rig.
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  1. A VM with pass throughs of fake (virtualized) webcams and mics would kill this. They would have to manually review to see if it is fake, and some kid who is failing one class but it a genius in these sort of things could cheat on a laptop and pass every exam by doing very simple fake low-bitrate webcam footage and a muffled audio stream to fake whatever dumbass AI they have analyzing this footage. Can be DQed if you did install the spyware... on a Linux VM. Anyway this is a big no no and will result in the unfair failures of a majority of students, on top of all the other failures of the education system brought on by digital learning. I am actually writing this on a school-appointed chromebook filled with side-loaded spyware extensions banned from the chrome web store for privacy reasons. (Don't ask why I don't have other devices, it is a very long story that hopefully will be changing soon) But none of them have actually gotten me in trouble. The only time I got in serious trouble was when they linked my chromebook to an IP address that was using a ton of bandwidth on the school's (surprisingly fast for the area) network bc I was ripping + downloading youtube videos to circumvent the block on yt content. I would simply go to one of my favorite youtuber's socialblade's, go to the "user's videos" tab, copy a hyperlink and paste this into a youtube-to-mp4 site and watch offline.
  2. Features get added and removed. But update your GPU driver. And make sure you in game graphics settings didn't get wiped in the update.
  3. Why can't you run the two 6+2 pin connectors as a 8 pin and then a six pin? Unless you made a typo I don't see your issue.
  4. Chances are that the BIOS you last installed was one that removed the feature to flash anymore. This was a feature removed from every single B450 board in the last BIOS update from AMD, with the exception of MSI B450 "Pro" boards. It was because the last BIOS update needed more than the 16MB of space on the BIOS ROM, so they removed features like the ability to to do further flashing to save space and put it under 16MB. MSI B450 Pro boards have a 32 MB ROM, and they were unaffected. Also don't put multiple BIOS's on the drive, just do one.
  5. AFAIK I totally agree. But the only thing I know about hypervisors is from videos by Modern Vintage Gamer on the hardware security of game consoles, specifically the xbox 360 iirc. I'll look into this, and I'll ask more questions, but those will come in the form of another thread on another day.
  6. It is a windows setup. DGP = dedicated/discrete graphics processor, she basically doesn't want onboard video, or iGPU. IDK if DGP is the proper acronym, but I heard Gamer's Nexus use if a few times. Imma have to ask about running on a domain, but the server's first task is to host a internal LAN with a seperate internet connection for things like program updates. Basically it's internet connection is just like all the others in the lab for stuff like security patches and OS updates, and it will host a intranet domain/website with access to the curriculum through a NAS (and that NAS will also include a RAID bc my teacher really wants to dabble in RAID.) But that LAN will be seperated, and prob using a firewall a connection from a lab computer through the switch to the server can't use the that server as a sort of internet proxy. I'm very certain that a actual network or server engineer could do that in a heartbeat, but I'm a pepega when it comes to that stuff. Its also 11 at night on a friday, I ain't learning about cluster servers now, I'll try next week and then maybe I will see the benefits.
  7. read my message again. I could buy multiple servers and put it in a cluster, but I literally know jack shit about how to use more than one. Btw my teacher really wants this machine(s) to have a DGP because that is her personal preference. I'll buy win 10 server, and I know we can get it as a subsidized price through a website meant for local governments and public schools. I don't know the name, other than it starts with a C and ends in a hyphen G (-G)
  8. Is Win 10 Pro enough to do at least some of these features like hyper-v and easily supported RAID? I will have to ask my teacher the next day I see her (tuesday) on what she actually needs in term of software, and then I may revive this thread then. We have a network switch and prob other network hardware and software, but I don't know RN bc my networking class got delayed till next week bc of a snafu about dual-credits for college. But I'm probably not going to handle the networking in any capacity, I'm passing that to the teacher who is actually a CCNA instructor. To make things worse internet to that room was cut off by construction in the neighboring classroom as they aren't fixing it anytime soon. I also know absolutely nothing about cluster servers so everything u mentioned about multiple lower performance servers in a cluster kinda went in one ear and out the other bc no comprendo.
  9. I was thinking 3960x and a cheap GPU, but a lot of SSDs. My knowledge of software is minute compared to my knowledge of hardware, and servers aren't my strong suit in either. In fact I know literally nothing right now about configuring or using any of the software most commonly used by servers. That jobs is going on the teacher and the next prodigy student. But we are building this server because my teacher knows more about the software than I do, and she is a first a networking instructor, and second an instructor on the basics of pretty much every IT course in the Cisco Net Academy, and I'm really just building this for her because if we don't spend the $9k we lose the remaining money and we won't get this opportunity for many years. This is the year when we need to make this classroom as future proof as possible, and upgrading hardware, getting proper hardware (like getting a replacing a H board with a Z board for a K CPU), and getting stuff like extra thermal grease and magnetic dust filters, and tbh with a budget way higher than normal, we don't want to buy used, and will pay extra to get the right things. (A surprising amount of the budget is going towards full-price licenses to win 10 pro 64-bit, because gray-market sites are absolutely off-limits and they were stupid and only bought 32-bit keys in 2016.)
  10. Is there any sort of adapter than can take a E-ATX or ATX-XL case and mount it in a server rack? I would bet there would be, because by laying it down horizontally the case is certainly not as tall as a #U server is wide.
  11. Well the problem with software is that we have like 15 really old Win 7 PCs and then 15-20 pretty competent PCs that could do virtualization, but we aren't actually allowed to do it on those PCs bc of some school rule. And we are NOT doing a rack or blade server. The teacher wants to do tinkering both with the hardware and software in the future, and if there comes in a student in the future who is already a wizard at something like linux, s/he might be allowed to go crazy with a linux VM or two on this machine. It is also that this project is going on my resume as a sort of significant projects in HS, probably written down as some sort of "accomplishment", so just buying a pre-built server ain't gonna do that, but writing down that you were able to buy parts for and construct a modern server PC, that would do it.
  12. I highly doubt it will be an issue, but I hope you cleaned up before touching your computer to write this post. Just remember that if you screw your cooler down, and then boot your computer, and then take the cooler off, your thermal paste has been damaged and before you reapply the cooler you will want to clean and reapply new paste.
  13. Not the CPU. You could either have uneven mounting pressure or uneven paste, or some other bizarre issue. I'm not gonna comment on the paste in fear of a chain of angry commenters saying I'm wrong, but you could have definitely not put your CPU block on tight enough. It is possible to go too tight, but take a screwdriver and slowly screw down in an X-pattern (i.e. top right > bottom left > top left > bottom right) until you have to put extra force to turn the screw. Basically don't fight the screw and keeping drilling it down, when the screw starts fighting back you stop.
  14. So I am a high school student taking an IT class, and it is my class's turn to use the school's grant money. We have a total budget of $9-10k, but we are spending prob $2-3 K on other items such as SSDs and anti-static vacuums to make the hardware in the class last longer. (We have 20 custom, all unique computers, and a large number of them were made by people incompetent with parts list. We need to replace some of that hardware with that $9k, but money isn't a real issue. So basically my teacher is interested in the roles of server computers in the world and wants to learn more, and wants to move all of our curriculum materials off the cloud and into a RAID config as part of a NAS. My understanding of server hardware isn't that good compared to my deep understanding of consumer hardware, so I came to the LTT forums for help. This computer needs to be able to do it all (but not gaming), but not all at the same time. It has to be able to do Intranet website hosting with a maximum of ~20-30 concurrent users on the LAN, but also do things like virtualization, network hosting, possible live investigations of malware by students (a lot of the computers we have could already do this, but because of the school's firewall and AUP, we aren't allowed to do that on those PCs, but if we do it on a VM on a isolated machine that would be OK), and a lot of other things. But the question that is most important is: Do I really need a EPYC or Xeon part, or can I do most of these things with a 3960x, 64GB of RAM and Win 10 Pro? I am personally building the whole things, with either a air cooler or a AIO. This server will be on display for stuff like open houses, so this cannot be a rack or blade server bc of how cramped it could look and the loud AF fans, so this is going in a full ATX or larger case. But it would also be great if we could take this case and store it in a 4U server rack to save space. (We currently have a approximately 6 feet tall server cabinet in a back storage room, with only 4 unplugged 1U servers on there, but they are old AF and this new build needs to last as long as possible. Any suggestions for a do it all server PC with a budget of $5-6K would be great. Remember, I have no experience with server hardware, and this needs to be beginner friendly for future students. (This won't be purchased for at least a month or two, and Newegg is the only e-commerce site that actually sells what we need and is allowed by the school admins. There are other sites we can go to, but the only enthusiast parts I could find were a couple of case fans.)
  15. Ok first, the issue is very very likely your motherboard. Most motherboards powercycle 2-4 times before its first boot, and it isn't uncommon for that to be even longer if you bought RAM not on the mobo's QVL. If you waited a minute or two to see if it posted, and it did, you are good. Your best option is to RMA (as a return, not a repair) the mobo, preferably through the mobos warranty papers, and replace it with a Z370 or Z390 board. I say that because you bought a 7700K, but when you put a 7700K in a H370, your CPU loses it K and is practically a 7700 without any overclocking capabilities. But if the repair center couldn't replicate the issue, your CPU may be at fault. Did you swap the CPU with a spare from your own PC, or not? If you did then you def have a bad mobo, but u also need a better mobo.