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    shadowstorm52 reacted to Shreyasb in Laptop gpu upgrade   
    Happy to help.
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    shadowstorm52 reacted to manikyath in Laptop gpu upgrade   
    most laptops have the GPU soldered onto the motherboard to save space inside the laptop, some laptops use what is called an "MXM" module, which in essence is a standardised formfactor for laptop GPU's, except that the size and location of the GPU die may differ, and in result the cooling solution in the laptop may not be compatible with every MXM module.
    on top of that, there's so few devices using MXM modules, and there's so few people upgrading them, that there's a VERY slim market for selling MXM modules to end users. as a result, finding them sold as individual units is not easy, and usually not price-competitive.
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    shadowstorm52 got a reaction from phoon in Not enough PC games?   
    How bout trying out shadow of Mordor its more pretty good
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    shadowstorm52 reacted to SavageNeo in AIr cooling or water cooling for my i7 9700f   
    is that kf version or just f version? that i7 has terrible value if its not the k version. Even with k version it has a terrible value. 
    Have you bought it yet? if not buy soemthing else with better value. if yes then go for the cheaper cooler. you cant overclock that cpu so any cheap cooler like hyper 212 will do
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