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  1. yea thats true but over here its always about 759 ringgit for the r5 3600 almost the same as the deal for the i7
  2. Yep the deal is constantly on haha true the 5700xt is like 400 ringgit cheaper than the 2070 super here oh yeah do u have any good ultrawide ips monitors to recommend?
  3. Budget (including currency): below 10000 malaysian ringgit( 2500 usd) preferably lower than that Country: malaysia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Mostly triple a games and maybe some light photoshopping and adobe premiere Other details :Oh exclude the cpu I can get a 10700k for a pretty good deal so Peripherals are needed except for the mouse upgrading from my core 2 quad and i5 7200u going to buy in july? resolution 1440p and wants to game on a ultrawide ips monitor refresh rate anything above 100hz will do Budget: Below Usd2500 for a pc,ultrawide 1440p monitor, peripherals,speakers Thanks guys
  4. nope i dont have it yet and thats true if the 10th gen comes out i will get one of those for the smte and thanks man for the recommendation
  5. i am gonna use a 9700k and will overclock it slightly so aio or just normal cpu cooler
  6. Oh, i see. So, i should go with like corsair or deepcool right?
  7. How long do Aio's last if I use them on a regular basis of 2 to 3 hr of gaming 3 times a week ? Will they leak or will the pumps fail in like 3 years or so? Using the cooler master 240 lite
  8. dang but thanks for the help man appreaciate it
  9. damn i don't have any of those i think mine is just a normal dell inspiron laptop with 3 usb ports a hdmi port ethernet connection and an odd
  10. aww man i cant connect it from the outside or anything?
  11. what do you mean i dont really get it haha
  12. I have a core i5 7200U layptop with radeon R7 340 (oem) but I checked it up and I found out that my cpu is actually bottlenecking because of the weak gpu. Should i get a new gpu and if yes what should i get for a reasonable price
  13. But can give me some recommendations for z370 boards that cost around 100to 140 USD?