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  1. Can I put a 2.5' ssd into my laptops 2.5" bay? Since people usually put in hd instead of hd since theres already a 256gb m.2 ssd.
  2. when my instruction manual says when a device in sata mode is installed to the m.2 socket Sata_2 port can not be used. Does it mean Sata6G_2 Port or All of the Sata_2 Ports. Help my brain is spaghetti.
  3. Budget (including currency): £140-£160 Country: UK Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: School, 3d Paint, Minecraft, Other details I'm gonna use a gt 1060 6gb off of ebay for £57 And Im upgrading from a samsung laptop from 2012 (All used parts for saving money) Also is it better if I upgrade from a optiplex?
  4. Playing Games with a Fire extinguisher at close hand and wearing oven mittens and a firefighter suit surrounded by water.

  5. Also thats idleing temps XD working is around 100C min some how its still alive
  6. My Cpu's Average temps are 84C running to the high 92C often, Im running ddr3 1333mhz Ram I have a motherboard from 2012 all shoved into a laptop running a NVS 5200m, Do I need a upgrade? (Im also running a Samsung 32" Gaming Monitor)
  7. Can It run though? Does it have enough Wattage?
  8. Can I put a Hd 7670 into a Dell Optiplex 3010 MT or do i need A new PSU? (265W)
  9. Does the HD 7670 (4gb, Gddr5) require a power connecter or does it get all its power from the pci-e slot?