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  1. Yea I tried it in 2 other PCs and it is the card that is broken. Do you know a way to fix it ?
  2. Hello, my pc was working and then it stopped. It's the graphics card for sure. It is a GTX 980ti SC. When the gpu is fully plugged in the pc doesn't start. Well actually it tries for a milli second then it stops. I also tested my pc without the card and it works great. I also put in my backup card which is a GTX 690 and everything worked. Then I installed my gtx 980ti but did not connect any power to it and the pc started but got no display from either the gpu nor the mb. The cards RGBs did light up and one of the fans was trying to move a bit but then stopped. It was acting as if it was stuck. The other fan did not attempt to spin. After that I started messing about with switching the cables up, swapping different PSUs and connecting the gpu power connection. The gtx 980ti has a 6pin and a 8pin connector, I have tried alot of connections and all of them stopped the computer from starting except for only powering the six pin. With this the pc started but once again did not post but this time the fan on the gpu that didn't attempt to spin was spinning normally, the other one however was still in its "stuck" phase. The PSU is not the problem, I have a 600w bronze psu that was able to support a gtx 690 which under load eats 350+ watts. Help is much appreciated, thanks