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  1. try psiphon.ca they bypass 60% of servers.
  2. I tried my drive on another laptop, ended up installing another os there and then inserted it in my "old" laptop
  3. Hosp

    HDD question

    So I can put in it in my other laptop with no risk? like motherboard compatibility etc? thanks for the reply! @Kon-Tiki
  4. I was thinking of trying my other laptops HDD so that I'm certain that its fried on my other laptop, does it give me any risks or? (this might sound as a completely stupid question but I'm not a hardcore nerd in computers so..)
  5. I've learned the hard way to only logon onto servers with a VPN to avoid any complications.
  6. I would try to do that but my USB doesn't seem to be showing up / booting up windows..? I tried changing the boot priority and fiddling around with the BIOS, but it still didn't seem to work..
  7. I might be spewing out gibberish but here is what I think I did: I activated another drive as the drive that had the operating system? I think it was defaultly d: drive but i changed it to c : which is the drive that has my Windows file as the warning said that the drive needed to have that in order to work, so i don't know why it doesn't work..? (if this is all nonsense please ignore)
  8. If thats the only way I could restore it I will, but first I need to clear up if theres any possibility that I could restore it, I have seen certain tutorials on youtube saying I need to boot windows on a usb and then disactivate the thing I did using cmd, but I'm not sure how I could do that if my usb isn't showing up. Thanks for the reply anyways.
  9. I am 100% sure it didn't, if it did is there any way I can check if it actually did die?
  10. So basically, I was trying to extend my local drive C storage by installing MiniTool Partition Wizard and because I'm of curious nature, I click everything I see even if it specifically warns me not to, long story short I activated something that I shouldn't have and now when I try to boot up windows it says: "An operating system wasn't found. Try disconnecting any drives that don't contain an operating system. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart", and I tried everything and it didn't work. I don't know what specs to put here so heres everything I can get from the BIOS: SATA Port 1: Hitachi HTS547 and more numbers that I don't know if I should include. SATA Port 2: TSSTcorp CDDVDW SN-208BB CPU Vendor: Intel (R) CPU Type: Core (TM) i5 - 3210M CPU (old i know) CPU Speed: 2.50 GHz CPU VT: Supported Memory: 4096mb, only slot 2 installed. BIOS version: P04RAC MICOM version: P04RAC here are some photos that I took of the "boot" menu: Also some keys on my keyboard don't work: most important are : f4 to f8 and f11 + f12. I also don't wanna reset my HDD, because it has a lot of my childhood photos and I wouldn't like to delete them. I tried booting from a USB but for some reason the USB does not show up / work. I can only switch from UEFI and Legacy to only legacy and I already tried both with no success Thanks for taking your time reading my post and I wish you might have a response to me ASAP as I have online lessons tommorow