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  1. Oh okay, that's more helpful. Thank you so much! Will go for this one then. Alright. We'll have to see how things flow I guess and check later if it'll be supported or not.
  2. I'm gonna need another Mobo for the 10th gen processor right? or no? This kinda confused me now.. I'm not sure the one I chose supports it
  3. I got it all now, nice and clear! The Intel M.2 I chose isn't a SATA M.2 btw so I think I'm good on that. As far as the Mobo goes you're right. I know it's a budget one but I don't need anything more than what it already offers. That is some great news man, I was planning to build the PC mid June anyway before I get finished with building my studio. I'm just gonna wait for the 10th gen then till we get it in stores here.
  4. I'll probably go for the 9700K if I decide to go the integrated GPU route. Btw is there any info when the next gen Intel is coming out and do you think it's worth the extra bucks to skip the current 9th gen?
  5. I thought it would hurt the system in some way considering that the GPU is severely less powerful then the CPU, but you're right I guess (It's my first build so I'm still not sure about how stuff works). And wow! That is also a very smart option to go that I didn't think about, might go for a K model instead and just use the integrated GPU. Thank you so much for the advice.
  6. Budget (including currency): 1000-1100$ Country: North Macedonia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Cubase 10 (Music and audio production) Hello there everyone. I hope you're all safe and healthy during this period! Im building a new PC for music production (no gaming at all), which is an area that requires a high amount of processing power and RAM due to VST Plugins. I'm planning to spend most of my money on an i7-9700F 8-core 3.0GHz, and I'm planning to pair it with a GTX 1650 Super. Should i worry about GPU bottlenecking if the PC is going to be used only for music production which requires pretty much 0% GPU usage? Also I went with the 9700F because I don't want to overclock anything on this build, I want to run everything on stock specs (I heard you go with the 9700K if you plan to overclock). Basically I'm trying to save the most amount of pennies from the other parts, focusing them towards that CPU. This is the build I wrote down earlier, suggestions are more than welcomed! Mobo: MB Gigabyte B365M-H CPU: Intel i7-9700F 3.0GHz GPU: MSI GTX 1650 Super RAM: 2x16GB DDR4 2666MHz Kingston CL19 Storage: Intel SSD 660p 512GB M.2 Kingston A400 Series 1920GB SSD 3TB 7200 RPM HDD (any brand, haven't decided yet). I've yet to decide on a case as well. P.s.: If you're wondering why all that storage, I have VST Instruments with really big sample libraries, up to 500GB for a single VST Instrument so I'm gonna need those fast SSD's for faster loading speeds in projects.