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  1. Thanks to anyone for the responses! For now I´m between the ASUS TUF VG27AQ and the LG 27GL850-B. I´m watching reviews of both and I think they´re both good options. The gigabyte is almost 80 bucks more, and I don´t think It is a justified overprice. I´ll probably choose according to avaibility since the Asus is not available in Amazon (I must check where I could buy it, usually get monitors in amazon due to thei return politic so I can avoid IPS bleeding and similar problems). Since nobody is talking about ultrawides I suppose that they´re not worth? Last question is if there is any upcoming monitor I should check like the Samsung G7, I can wait if that is the case. Thanks again!
  2. I´ve read the post about how to choose, really interesting and instructing. I´ve checked the reviews of rtings and they talk good things about the three of them. Here in Spain the AORUS is 80€ more expensive, which I could afford if its worth. The point is that I really dont find any aspect of those monitors that make me decide between them. At least with my knowledge. The cheap options you mentioned cost the same as the other three here, so I think I´ll discard them. Thanks for the suggestion anyway! About the ultrawide option. I find it really interesting but not sure if my rig could keep 120 hz on that resolution. I dont do a lot of esport gaming, just some MOBA from time to time (and in a really amateur level), so I dont think that going for 240hz would make any difference for me. Any extra advice is appreciated. Thanks again!
  3. Hello everyone, first of all I must say that I don´t know much about gaming monitors, so I´m a bit lost. I´m willing to pay around 500€, but I could go a bit higher if it is really worth it. I´ve got a 2080super and a 3800x, so I have doubts about if I should go for the 2k or 4k for a long term investment. I want it to be >120hz, preferably IPS and with a low response time. Nowadays I´m using a monitor with freesync and seems to be enough for me, anyway I really dont know if paying extra for G-sync brings any benefit. About HDR and other tenchologies, I just dont know what they do or if I´m going to take advantage of them. About the size I would like it to be 24´, but most 2k monitors I´ve seen starts at 27´. I´ve been looking around and I found these 3 that seems interesting: - Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ - LG 27GL850-B - Samsung Odyssey G7 (this one hasn´t been released yet and It is a bit more expensive, and again I do not know it is worth paying the extra) What do you guys think? Any other monitor I should check? Thanks in advance!
  4. If I´m not wrong the Viewsonic xg2405 has the same panel as the AOC is easier to find it in stock. It is the one I´ve got and I´m pretty happy with it.
  5. Thanks for the replies, what concerns me is that maybe the GPU is reducing frecuencies to avoid unstability or something. But according to Aferburner it stills beetween 1905-1935 Mhz. I´ve compared with a friend with another 2080s and he can´t go under 1,012v. I find pretty strange that the difference can be so big.
  6. Hello everyone, I have a question that may be kinda stupid. I´m undervolting my 2080 SUPER and I wanted to know where I should stop. Actually I´m in 0.881v which so far is stable (1 hour playing the withcher 3 with no crashes nor artifacts), but this seems like too much. I´m worried that there is something else i´m not taking into account. Thanks in advance.
  7. Okay! I think I´ll take the NF-F12 then. Now I just have to figure it out how to mount then. I think I´ll 3D print some kind of duct so they don´t take air from the laterals and just from the bottom. Do you recommend me keeping the intake in the front and bottom and use the rear as exhaust? Or should I change something else?
  8. Depending on the use you´re gonna give it. If it was for me I would go for the 2k.
  9. I think I´ll go for the NF-F12 then since the A12x25 are available only in brown, the good thing about the 38mm is that I could avoid doing a piece to raise it. Anythinkg about how to connect them? Or how I should distribute intakes and exhaust? Thanks again
  10. Yeah, the 100ºC thing was meant to be 100%. The thing is that right now ambiental temps is about 20ºC, but where I leave temps hit 40ºC in summer and I want to be prepared. I´ve been searching and found the EK meltemi, it is 38mm thick so I probably could throw them behind the GPU and they would be next to the heatsink. What do you think?
  11. Hello everyone, I want to improve my temps and I´ve been thinking about different alternatives. I´ve got this setup https://imgur.com/W6dYvmw with a pair of CM SF120R ARGB in the front as intake and in the back as exhaust, I´ve also have a pair of Noctuas A12x15 in the bottom. The CPU is a 3800x and the GPU a KFA2 2080 SUPER. The GPU actually sits in around 72ºC while playing (without dust filters in the bottom, with them around 3ºC extra) and the CPU around 63ºC. The thing changes a lot if I put the GPU fans to 100ºC, droping the GPU to 60ºC and the CPU to 55ºC (seems like thermal throtting) but the noise is really high. What I´ve been thinking is to remove the GPU fans and throw at it a good pair of case fans because the stock heatsink is huge. I would place something in the bottom of the case to rise them up like 2-3cm so they stay right next to the heatsink without needing to tie them to it. The think is that I´ve never done something like this and I´m a bit lost about how to connect them to the GPU fan header without danger of burning it out (I suppose I would have to check the max voltage it supports?). I would like some advice from you: - Which fans do you recommend me? I thought in Noctuas A12x25, but they are not available in Chromax, so maybe Noctua NF-F12 and put my A12x15 in the front and rear. Noise is an important factor for me. - Which fan config should I use? Some friend pointed out that maybe I should use the rear as intake, and even using both rear and front and using the bottom as exhaust (cooling the GPU in pull). I´ll appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  12. Well, looking at it that way maybe is not that bad Anyway, there´s probably similar things with a more "contained" price
  13. Makes no sense to me neither haha. Both fans are acting as intakes. And I have made custom fan cruves using AI Suite 3 since my MB is Asus. A bit expensive, but I´ll check some alternatives. It had to substiute my laptop
  14. So you noticed an increase in the temps? No no, the Noctuas are next to the filters and after them the GPU.https://i.imgur.com/W6dYvmw.jpg
  15. Thanks everyone for the replies! I´m using a Lian Li Tu 150, the fans are a pair of Noctua NF A12x15 and the filters are some I got on Amazon (https://www.amazon.es/gp/product/B00ARB5E8U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1).