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  1. That's not an excuse. KEEP APPLYING. Get Your Network+ so you're not a fool in networking situations.
  2. Thats your problem, APPLY to everything... Im assuming you dont have Net+, Security+, CCNA or CySA+? The career is waiting. Stop being lazy. What's your next cert?
  3. So you're in the same boat of "I have a whole lot of knowledge but not IT experience?" Let me know! There are ways to navigate those interview situations. @The_Russian I'm assuming you have at least A+?
  4. Interesting theory. If you'd like me to coach you on how to interview, let me know.
  5. "only IT-pros that do some work related to networking need such basic knowledge"... If you don't understand the basics, in my opinion, you're at an extreme disadvantage.
  6. I understand how that may seem like jumping around, but to me, this is a basic It concept that EVERYONE should know... Not to talk trash or degrade anyone else... I just feel like Linus could supplement this with a solid foundation in IT overall.
  7. You're absolutely right! This topic can be REALLY dry and boring! As an instructor, my classes are NEVER dry and boring! (NO BS, my students are motivated!) But... topics such as A+ networking and "printers" (laser printers specifically) can be made fun by a thorough explanation and constant reiteration of the need in the IT world.
  8. You're right! There are a lot of opportunities... but my experience is... most people don't have a solid grasp on the fundamentals... the students I have had that did understand the fundamentals moved on to get better certs (CCNA, CEH, CySA+, etc) to build their careers, ya know?
  9. I understand that... but with 10 million viewers... I often wonder how many of them would like to turn their passions into a career..... (I'm old) LOL But there's a huge field out there for IT pros right?!
  10. My only IT passion is helping people who once thought they'd never be "smart enough" to get to an IT position... I have to try right?!
  11. Well... I honestly think they'd probably pass the A+.... Think about those people who love the tech world but dont know where to start! This would be a solid avenue to see right??????? (I've worked in IT for 15 years and have taught Networking and security for ten years) It would be fun right!?
  12. I don't assume anything really, I just feel like it would be a fun experiment for these guys (given they HAVE a solid career plan already) in order to motivate future It pros. It could happen right!?
  13. Im not sure, but I want the Linus team to take certs and give feedback! I FORCE my students to watch Linus Tech Tips! LOL
  14. 3950x CPU 64 GB DDR4 3600 Asus Nvidia 2070 Super It get me by!