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  1. Im not quite sure what the stock timings and the stock frequency even is for these sticks, usually it’s supposed to be on the sticker for my memory, but it isn’t sadly. I don’t even want to overlock it, I just want it to run at the advertised rates.
  2. What exactly does that mean, what would I enter into the frequency and timing table?
  3. I have a ASRock z170 pro4s, I am pretty much a noob at this type of stuff and dont really know what the mhz or timings are and how they work or what to change them to, I can post a few pictures I made of the UEFI if that helps in any way?
  4. Hey guys, I am running HyperX Fury RAM in my system, its supposed to run at at least 2400 mhz, even up to 3400 mhz, but when I load the xmp profile its locked at 2133 mhz, does anyone know a fix for this?
  5. Alright so I actually did a whole bunch of benchmarks and HW Monitoring. My CPU runs at around 90% when using an ingame benchmarking tool in cs, and around 60°, my GPU mostly runs at 20% and 40-50° but rises to about 90% when there is a smokegrenade going of and 60°. When running unigine superposition my system gets a score of 19202, which is comparable to other similar rigs. In CPU-Z my CPU reaches the reference benchmark up to 99%, nothing really ever overheats, which I definetly also hope it doesnt as I have a good cooling system. Its just so damn confusing because there is people that are running the game on i5 6500 cpus with a RX580 on 1440 and can get up to 309 average fps and im sitting here at 220fps on 720p. Its just so damn frustrating because there has to be some weird thing somewhere I havent considered but I just dont know where or what. All hardware seems to be working fine and is up to speed and performance in all benchmarks, but ingame it just runs so poorly.
  6. Not at my pc right now, I can do that a bit later. But if it helps I have done this with the taskmanager already and usually my cpu and gpu run at max 50% and temps around 50-60c.
  7. its 144hz and I do not use any type of syncing, 120 is also just average, if I go into a private match without bots or anything I am able to reach even 200fps, but it still seems pretty low compared to what I should be getting.
  8. https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/27507808 These are my benchmark results if anyone is interested as well.
  9. 2070 super, i7 6700k, 16GB DDR4, z170 pro4s motherboard, 500gb samsung SSD, Windows 10, 650w PSU
  10. I get around 120fps average on csgo at 1280*720p on a 2070 super and an i7 6700k. I've pretty much tried everything I could find on the internet trying to resolve the issue, maybe someone can help me here.