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  1. Suggestion about this problem as well? Cpu cooler occupies ram slots B1 and B2
  2. Im really considering to bring the whole pc to pc service so they can fix this shit I really dont have time for this Im a businessman ffs I work,study german and italian I have things to do and Im really pissed off because I want to do this all by myself
  3. I pulled the battery out ,put it back in,nothing,I removed the gpu and nothing. Is it maybe ram placement? Im trying to have one slot between each free but I cant put the stick because the cooler is in the way
  4. I connected all my case fans on my Corsair HUB but now I have a back case fan and its connector hanging down lmao idk where to plug that 3 pin connector I plugged it into a 4pin LED connector on the motherboard
  5. I just hope its not the cpu when I was installing the cooler for my cpu two screws were completely loose and the other two were really tight and the cooler was quite leaning on one side fuck I just hope I didnt crush my cpu I cant give another 450 dollars for another cpu fuck
  6. idk if Im going to be able to find the problem now I have to go to work soon
  7. the thing is the system itself wont boot
  8. I found the led indicators you were telling me they are located at the bottom of my MB sorry , and no,what happened was,I turned my PSU ON (the -/o) button and those led indicators didnt even turn on they remained off but the heatsink logo blinked wtf
  9. Ahm where are those debug Leds on my board? It say on google they are near the 24pin mb connector but I dont see them here am I blind or
  10. CPU : Intel i7 9700k 3,6GHz GPU : Nvidia Gainward 2070 Super 8gb RAM : 2x16 32GB Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 Cooler : Coolermaster MA410M CPU Cooler Motherboard : Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite ATX L1511 PSU : Seasonic Focus Fully Modular 650w Gold ATX HDD internal hard drive : Seagate 2 x 4TB 5900RPM Solid State drive : ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro M2 2280 NVME
  11. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ GPU is actually gainward 2070 Super 8gb
  12. alright I want to start my new pc I connected absolutely everything and it just wont start. I plugged it into the socket, of course I didnt forget to turn on the switch at the back of th3 case lol but still it wont start. When I press the switch ( -/o) some quick blue light flashes I believe it was near the heatsink of the motherboard. But the pc wont start at all.
  13. Hey thanks man but what about that 3pin fan connector? I have the 120mm corsair rgb fans. 3 on top ,3 in front,1 in the back and 1 at the bottom of the case. All the fans are connected on the hub but the one on the back (with the 3 pin) I dont know where to plug. I plugged it in the 4pin led pin on the motherboard because I have no clue where it should go lol
  14. In G connector I only have Power switch,Reset and Led pwr + and - wires. I dont have HD,speaker and Chassis Intrusion Header wires. I ask where are the rest of those wires because I see that G connector has to be full with wires like this