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  1. how much Fps would a RX 580 and a Ryzen 3 3100 give you on fortnite
  2. the PSU wasnt found on the amazon german
  3. no in europe and im looking to spend 550 euro for gaming on fortnite 150fps average
  4. hmm i havent heard of that before interesting
  5. do you think maybe the socket on your wall is the problem
  6. have you overclocked your GPU and CPU and is the PSU bronze certified
  7. i searched it up its a good monitor 5ms response time and 2k 75hz u actually got my eyes on that aswell
  8. the RX 580 is a good bit faster frames than the 1060 providing 6%more frames at 1080p
  9. id suggest not buying the 1650 as it has a really bad pricing and the RX 580 is usually better in all games