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  1. Anything I browse is in Polish. I dont know if you want to struggle with looking through different language and different prices. These are two best tech selling sites in Poland, prices are way higher than in North America because we have high VAT in Europe. https://www.morele.net https://www.x-kom.pl
  2. What about Be Quiet! Straight Power 11? I was also thinking about Corsair RMi/RMx Series but I bet that at this range most of known brand PSUs are just more than enough and its all about picking good priced one.
  3. I am from Europe, Poland. I was thinking about getting be Quiet! Pure Power 11 700 Watts, but 650 might be more than enough for future. Any recommendation would be appreciated.
  4. Can you recommend me some decent PSU that would be good in case of a future upgrades? I was thinking about be Quiet! Pure Power 11 700 Watts. I just want a good 80+ gold PSU.
  5. Do you think my PSU is bad quality? I have checked some of these ''PSU tier lists'' and I saw this Evga PSU at the bottom of list, I have read that bad quality PSU can be faulty even if it's good brand.
  6. Hi there. I wanted to get RX 5700 XT Nitro+ but i noticed on the website that recommended PSU is 650 watts, I own Evga 600 Watts 80+ PSU, I don't know if this is enough for this GPU, should I upgrade PSU or just get Nitro+?
  7. Hello everyone. I own Asus MG248QR monitor, had it since December 2019 and I was really happy with it, but recently my monitor started to do some weird stuff. Whenever I use my PC monitor will just randomly turn off the power (light diode goes black), It's really weird and annoying at the same time, only way to fix it is to unplug and plug back the power. Could it be dying power brick?