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  1. @Tad Bittoomuchyeah ive tried both but its still stays at 3.6
  2. i have an i5 3570k with a ga-z77-hd3 mobo i wanted to overclock so i changed the core clock to 4 ghz i went into cpu-id and stressed the cpu but it never went over 3.6ghz i went back to the bios to check but it was still at 4ghz so i gave up and tried easy tune but when installing it said this is not a gigagyte product
  3. when ever i try to open geforce experience i get the error code 0x0001 i have tried everything to fix re installing it older nvidia drivers reinstalling windows idk what to do
  4. @Eschewyes this works but only for steam and nothing else
  5. @Eschew no say if I download steam to drive d the shortcut on my desktop dosnt work (windows is installed on drive c)
  6. i changed my desktop to drive d but now i cant change it back please help
  7. I have windows installed on my 120 gb ssd and have downloads set to my hard drive but my desktop shortcuts don’t work
  8. when i tried to open experience i got the error code 0x0003how can i fix this i have tried to install the latest driver but ever scince i upgraded to windows ten i cannot install the drivers form the nvidia website
  9. when i first switched to razer synapse 3 my razer deathadder chroma worked with it fine but now it says legacy device
  10. @MixaMega as it is only small i only want my os and a few games on it
  11. so i recently upgraded to an ssd for my boot drive but every time i install a new program i have to manually tell it to install to my hard drive instead of my ssd