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  1. So I just built my first desktop (woo!) and it did what Im assuming is double boot (fans came on then whole system turned off, then came back on again) the first time I turned it on. The only screen it gave me was that I needed to plug in the power pins to the GPU, I had no idea what the 8 pin connector was for so I had just ignored it and hoped for the best. I plugged in another PCIe cable to my power supply and connected it to the GPU, so so just to clarify there are two PCIe cables going to the GPU, one using a 6 pin connector and one with a 6+2pin (I hope that is what this is for, the little 2 pin is like an optional thing, the other cable has it too). Now the screen will not come on at all, even when I replicate the original scenario, I cannot get the screen that says plug in the power cable. This is my hardware if that helps: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/bFrDRk Any help is appreciated, also I have used 3 different hdmi cables so I don't believe that can be the problem
  2. I would imagine they mean modify the lens to have some form of zoom that would make the image appear as if they were standing 10 feet away from something rather than 50 feet, as an example.
  3. Awesome! Thank you so much!
  4. Is there anything I could ramp up because I don't need the monitors? Thanks for the suggestion on putting them in the price though!
  5. Hi , this is going to be my first pc build, I just have a kind of crappy laptop right now so looking to upgrade. Mostly doing some uni schoolwork and gaming. I'm in the USA also, and would prefer to make an AMD rig but eh, doesn't matter too much to me. My budget is for somewhere between 2000 and 2200 ideally. I don't need too much storage either, only using around 300GB right now, so I would like to opt for solely a 1TB ssd if possible (or ideal? not entirely sure). Im planning to run around 3 monitors. I have all the other peripherals and a copy of windows 10. I would generally like to run upward of 60 frames, ideally 120 on medium settings (1920-1080) but that might be aiming too high. Generally playing Rocket League, WoW, Overwatch, nothing extremely demanding. Let me know what I should change on! (I also need wifi accessibility but not sure at all what is a good item for that would be) https://pcpartpicker.com/user/fish558/saved/xbKbhM