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  1. I don't want that though, I've already got one for OS and probably main applications and then 2TB HDD for mass storage
  2. If you mean specs for the pc. Ryzen 7 3700X MSI MPG X570 2070 super 16GB vengeance rgb Samsung 970 evo 500GB 2TB WD Black Corsair TXM Gold 650W
  3. I think I'll push my budget and stick with the WD Black
  4. Of the WD Black - 2TB 7200RPM £115. I was thinking Seagate barracuda compute is better value, for the same price, RPM, capacity and more chache and only £50?
  5. I'm just wondering how much is actually necessary to spend on a hard drive. I have enough in my budget for a WD Black however I'm wondering whether I could go for a cheaper hard drive so I can get a better motherboard. I'd like either a price or a recommendation
  6. I won't be building it till after September so I will do
  7. No, I'd just have discord Spotify YouTube etc
  8. Hey, so I'm planning my new setup, and the pc in it has a 2070 Super and a Ryzen 7 3700X. I will have a 34" ultrawide (1440p 144Hz) and a 27" 1440p display. Would my graphics card be able to push both. If not, once I have saved up I would upgrade to a 2080 Super, would that do it? Or I will just swap the 27" for a 1080p one.
  9. Hey, so basically I planning my build. The case I have chosen (Lian Li PC-011 Dynamic) has a USB type-c port, however, my motherboard (MSI B450 Gaming pro carbon AC) doesn't have the right header meaning the port would not be able to be used. Is there any way of getting around this without changing the motherboard or case. I also want the cheapest option possible. Also would I necessarily use the USB Type-C port, and what would I use it for. It's my first build More info - https://gyazo.com/98badb25de79a7a98a889f7102c27d0a
  10. Would I still be able to go between my main and the one above. Like drag things up?