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  1. Hello I have a quick question because I am new to pc and was just curious if this works. my question is does an i5 9600k cpu have a limitation to how many m.2 it has like say in the far future I want more m.2’s and I get asus hyper m.2 x16 card. Will my cpu have any issues with more than 2 m.2’s? im not even sure if it even has anything to do with the cpu or not but that’s my question thanks.
  2. thank you so much sir!!!!
  3. Hello kind stranger, i am building my 1st pc and was looking into if i should get air cooling or water cooling after doing research i determined that air is best. my current fear before purchasing a air cooler is that it will be too big for my motherboard and block ram slots or possibly hits against the glass of the case. i dont really know if i have to worry or not with my components about ram clearance i just read that air coolers may block slots and that is why i'm here. i was looking into Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO to see if that is a good choice or if any of you recommend better my specs case nzxt h500i cpu i5 9600k motherboard asus prime z390 a ram ripjaw v 2x8 3600 thank you for your help