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  1. does nvidia still has the virtual resolution ? if so how do i activate it ?
  2. the transfer speed will be based on internet speed ?
  3. hey guys iam almost done getting my first pc , and currently have a laptop iwant to download games on my current laptop so when my pc is ready ill send the games to it what is the easiest method to do it ? my laptop has a windows 7 and the upcoming one in on windows 10
  4. so no need to spend the extra money for the m.2 (gaming only)
  5. first build wich one is better and why ? (500go m.2 or 1tb normal ssd both are from samsung ssd vs m.2 do they really matter?
  6. is ok do get a cheap case and put 3 fans ? what are the risks or the downsides ?
  7. hey guys new build how many fans and most important where to put them ?
  8. i have a ATX msi b450 gaming plus max , i was thinking of getting a cheap case and put 4 fans on it
  9. r5 3600 + gtx 1660super
  10. i'ill put it under the table lol i don't like the rgb things at all
  11. how do you measure or know if there is enough airflow ?
  12. hey guys first build does a cheap case make a diffrence ? what about a cheap case with 3 or 4 fans ? what are the downsides or risk of a cheap case ? what a mid range or high offer better ?
  13. wich one is better and why b450 mortar max or b450 gaming plus max
  14. vrm is the most important so iam good can i ask why ?
  15. couldn't find it , i found gaming plus max , a pro max , mortar max wich one is better ?