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  1. So my setup includes Asus B450 Motherboard 1080ti Mini AMD Ryzen 7 2700x 500w PSU 250GB SSD 1TB HD question for me would be could this setup run fortnite at 240 FPS I have two 165hz msi monitors already but looking to get a third that has higher frame rate (240hz) specifically.
  2. Okay that’s what I though I was told that it wouldn’t work out because all three aren’t the exact same
  3. So I’m wanting to do a triple monitor setup but I’m a little concerned on if it will work the way I want. I have two 27” MSI 144hz monitors and I’m wanting to get a 32” just like them to put in the middle and I wanted to know if that would still work for gaming I only want to use the 32” for gaming and the 27’s for twitch, steam, etc. I have a 1080ti mini, B450 Asus Rog Strix, 500 watt psu and a Ryzen 5 3700x, would that be able to run it?