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  1. Assuming this got buried a bit Still looking for help on this one
  2. Hopefully, I can get some good recommendations for this stuff I am looking for. The glorious mouse is a good idea, I am just unsure about it. Definitely could use some more help on this setup.
  3. Sorry moderator TVwazhere. Won't happen again. Thank you for fixing this. I thought about the Glorious models but I was concerned about the holes in the back being uncomfortable or collecting dirt of sorts. Then again I would sooner go with the glorious mouse than I would that coolermaster as I like the way they look more. It's a good recommendation but like you said its a lot to deal with also, I am not a big fan of all the side buttons less I can freely remove them of sorts which those appear to be firmly attached. Don't really need a huge amount of buttons as the main MMO I play with skill bars is just Final Fantasy 14, least for now until something else shows up.
  4. I am also looking for a good mouse. I play a huge wide range of gaming, pretty much everything except sports. I tend to use my mouse with a palm grip and have a pretty good sized hand so I really don't want a tiny mouse. RGB is welcomed I just want something that performs incredibly well and is built sturdy. Budget at $150 maximum
  5. Hey guys, been a while since I came back on here asking for some help on things. So, as the title suggests I am looking for a quiet keyboard(as quiet as possible) but I am also a gamer so I would like it if there was RGB involved as well. Searching around is a nightmare because you have a huge amount of misinformation floating about so hopefully someone here can help me out. I am not very well informed on what switches or brands to look for so information is highly appreciated. Budget is $250 as I really don't mind spending a bit on one of the items I use the most considering I do computer work as well as gaming together. I need something that's going to last so I would assume Double Shot PBT keycaps would be preferred as well.
  6. Yes, I have done this already.. the router states it has the firmware to do this... Hopefully someone can actually help me.. thank you though. I have gone ahead and ordered a replacement usb-c incase this is faulty. A powered usb hub in case there's not enough power. along a replacement router as I am suspicious that the router may be defective. The router upon reboot will have the 3.0 light turn on itll connect to the mifi 8000. It starts with a dhcp error given a minute it will then say disconnected and given a minute after that it actually will say its connected just fine.. however within about 10 seconds after that it suddenly loses connection completely and the 3.0 usb light shuts off and doesn't come back on. I did manage to have it gain an internet connection just once.. so I feel there may be a faulty connection or defect somewhere as when the internet worked that time it actually stayed working the whole time it didn't shut off however I wanted to try to replicate whatever I did that caused it to start working though to no success and now cannot replicate it at all
  7. asus routers appear to have this capability just fine on quite the few of their routers though. Unsure as to why I am having this issue and how to solve it.
  8. Hey guys, so I am trying to set up a Mifi 8000 tethered via usb to an ASUS 3100 Router for connection through the sprint network. The idea came here from over there on the reddit post(I will post a link to it) however for the life of me I cannot seem to get this to work out. Does anybody happen to have a solution to this? I first tried the 2.0 usb in the back it set it all up okay but then I just had no internet going to the computer and it kept telling me there was something wrong with the proxy. So I reread how the person on those forums did it and he mentioned to make sure you use the 3.0 usb in the front. So I switched to that and now I see this image below from the router where the dhcp does not function proper. so, after digging around a lot I noticed this seems to be a very common issue for asus routers? Is my unit defective or something? During this after a minute the 3.0 usb light shuts off and the ethernet/internet light stays red and then just says there is no connection to the usb 3.0 slot.
  9. Well, like i said previously. I am all for switching to amd since its typically the cheaper route. the issue I have there is I would need to front a secondary cost to purchase a processor.. in this case having a processor that equivelant to what I have now would be fine as I would then just sell off the 8700k for that amd. I plan to upgrade later down the road on the processor of course.. so having the capability of a good upgrade is a benefit. Normally I would just buy the motherboard but in this case I need to keep an eye on the sound card and make sure its more top of the line.
  10. Nobody else have any recommendations? Like I said.. need the best I can get for the sound card on a future proof motherboard ideally intel
  11. Doesn't look like it has the greatest on the sound card. Will need to look further into this or ask for recommendations. Solid board though
  12. Currently using an 8700k i7 intel processor on my board. My budget for the board would be around the $400 range or so.. I don't particularly have a budget.. I can stretch it if I need to but of course .. less $ is always better in my book. I would like to keep my 8700k if at all possible.. Unless it would be possible to sell off the 8700k for an amd and yet still get the same processing power.. as amd is typically cheaper. The pc is a gaming rig. not being used for musical production or streaming.
  13. It looks like the x570 is only amd? Is there an intel variation you can recommend?
  14. Hmm Would definitely need more information but thats a good starting point. Thank you, I need to kind of pin point what would be best for what I am looking for here.