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    Tech, Computer, Quantum, Math
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    Intel Core i5 2557M
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    Apple... IDK
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    4GB DDR3 1333MHz
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    Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB
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    Laptop shell I guess???
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    128GB SSD M.2
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    65W Power Brick
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    13.3in 1440 x 900
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    Bad cooling... whatever it is...
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    Logitech M705
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    Ubuntu 20.04
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    I thought just listed that...

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  1. Any ideas: I need a motherboard to make sure the components for my new PC are not DOA within 3 days (thats the deadline for returning them). I can order a A350 mobo then sell it once the D3SH is in stock, but would lose some money.


    help ☹️

  2. Im bored. meme this



  3. thats not bad. what r u using it 4
  4. I am participating in Microsoft Rewards. I can answer some questions if you have any.

    1. wall03


      The concept: You earn points and use them to enter on sweepstakes, redeem them for a gift card, or donate to charity. You can not cash out on them though..


      You earn points by searching on Bing, completing trivia quizzes (no personal info!), and using Edge. of course, the quizzes take place on Bing, so you can earn both at once.


      Currently there is no referral program ;(

    2. Den-Fi




      The 'Chewniverse is its own reward.

  5. Hmm. I would wait for Zen 3 and sell your 3600X, and maybe get more RAM (IDK). What do you feel is slowing you down the most?
  6. totally. I currently use Google Drive, which isn't too privacy respecting. That would be nice it works, but not well. Ok. Trying to weigh these two arguments. I want to make some money but could use it for a number of other things (Minecraft server? Test Environment for apps? Backup? All of them?)
  7. I didn't mean that! I also didn't help you! What do you use it for? Edit: the machine
  8. so I sell the entire computer I am guessing? The motherboard is almost a year old, so it might as well be damaged, but maybe $80? I don't want to have to disassemble the computer but if I just have to take the cover off its not a problem (except for the screws).
  9. what does that mean? for parts i guess? How much should I charge?
  10. letters are wearing its been overheated The computer wasn't working and Tech Support diagnosed a mobo problem its geuine Apple, but a MacBook Pro charger
  11. Got it What if I start the bid price at $75? $80? I want to make a little money to help pay for the new computer edit: not gunna sell it I guess?.