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  1. Just checked, GPU usage in gta5 doesnt reach 70 %, it sits in 60 to - 33%
  2. Just realisead, that the pc is performing how it should be in benchmark, but when it comes to games, the card is under performing
  3. Its really Late where i live, i Will post the results tomorrow ok? I remember that the GPU test got 9 000 points
  4. In csgo i get 150-300 fps, and yes, i have selected 3200mhz in xmp profilu, but would it hurt to install chipset drivers again, i cant really remember if i installed them. One weard thing is that in furmark, i got results that i should be getting with my Rig, but when it come to 3dmark or games, the card is basicly a 1050ti
  5. CPU usage is about 30, ether way the pc is a mess amd i dont KNOW what to do, i have pretty much avarege nolage when it comes to pcs
  6. Temp is ok, but GPU usage on the other hand never reaches 100,its always aboit 60 to 70
  7. Im learning towards the dead GPU, because the problems started right after the pc was just build and OS was installed, i couldnt get a malware from installing drivers
  8. So, in january I got my first pc, and right away, i noticed that my card is performing really badly, i should get a score about 22 000 on 3dmark,i got A score of 9 000,no matter what i do, the fps just doesnt change, in all games, also i get bsod with stop codes of Kernel security.... And irlq not less or equal, i really appreciate if someone could help me Heres my Rig: 2700x 16 GB 3200 ram Gigabyte aorus 5700 xt 240 ssd 1tb hdd B450 asrock steel legend
  9. So im gonna five the codes for the bluescreens:kernel security check failure this is the most common one, a nother one is something to do with storage, and in the past i hade ones that were driver releated, i hope that the stop codes can help you guys Who are reading this, and also i have Already ran Windows memory diagnostic and the result was fine with no errors, im also experiencing affuly low fps like litterly csgo has 100 to 300 fps, wich is bad for my system 5700xt aorus 2700xt 16 GB 3200mh S12 620 w ASRock B450 STEEL LEGEND 240ssd 1tb
  10. I know its stupid, but idk whether i need to update my bios, and if i need to do that, how do i do it?
  11. Its was on 100% and 100%, i Changed it to 5% and 100%@senzelain