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  1. out of stock - http://www.skytech.lt/search.php?keywords=System+power+9+400w&x=0&y=0&search_in_description=0 i dont even think this is a psu - http://www.skytech.lt/search.php?keywords=Cx450&x=0&y=0&search_in_description=0 not on the website - http://www.skytech.lt/search.php?keywords=MWE+bronze+V2+450w&x=0&y=0&search_in_description=0
  2. oh thank you! im gonna use the 500w one
  3. i checked the website i use and all of those psus are not available
  4. yea i live in lithuania the site is: skytech.lt
  5. around 50euros/55dollars
  6. what power supply should i add to this setup?
  7. i just wanted to check before buying
  8. hmm, gta 5 on medium/high settings
  9. am i being bottlenecked if im using a gtx 1650 super and ryzen 3 3100
  10. ohh coool, but do you think i should rather get a rx 570 or a rx 580 rather than a 1650?