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  1. This is new card. My cabinet is so small/ I doesnt have good airflow. May be that is causing issue. I am using with left panel open for now. It is getting me 75 to 78 degrees on 100% load. I will try increasing fan speed today.
  2. Also i don't have any case fans. My money is all over buying components. i will buy new cabinet in August or september. until then i want to use this.
  3. I have a old cabinet. There is no much space between GPU and bottom of case. That is the reason causing heat i think. I will try with a open case once.
  4. I forgot to mention GPU. it is gigabyte rx 570. but i saw some people using same gpu but getting lower temps
  5. I built my first PC today. My GPU is having 46 degrees at idle and while gaming, it caps at 89 degrees. Is that bad? GPU is Gigabyte RX 570 4gb
  6. I emailed the seller. They will update the BIOS on my request. Even if they forgot to update, there is a Q-flash feature in this motherboard which means i can update without chip right?
  7. In pcpartpicker it says they are not compatible. But in motherboard support page. it says they are compatible. Are they really compatible or not?
  8. Thanks. Also there are good quality A320m and cheaper A320m. Will there be performance difference?
  9. Yes but sellers in my regions will update the BIOS on our request.
  10. i only play at 1060p 60fps so i dont need OC. i dont play competitive games
  11. Yes but for my budget i can buy msi b450 pro m2 max. It is the cheapest b450. But i want to know the difference
  12. Sellers in my country update the BIOS and ship to us
  13. i play only at 1060p 60fps. so can i go with a320m and save money?