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  1. theyre pretty good headphones if im not wrong, the beats mixrs are apparently the best sounding headphones to have ever been made by beats. i get astounding sound quality when i plug into my phone or laptop, but the audio output when i plug into my pc is lacklustre.
  2. us lowly peasants, too poor to purchase games from online stores, depend on this sub-forum and people like @Paul Rudd to notify us of any games or apps that are going massively low/free of price.
  3. haha time for the 1-5 posters to pop back up and ask for free rtx 3090 pcs
  4. i run pretty weak rigs, and im getting a powerful pc only until 2021. is there a system requirement of any such, or can i fold on a pentium e5200 and a celeron n3350?
  5. again, there is no way of estimating what the starting prices of the new lineups of the new cpus would be, only time will tell. personally i think they will be fairly priced with options for all consumers ranging from low to mid to high end. since i am also building a 1000$ budget pc in bangalore, i am waiting for AMD and intel to release their new CPUs, since they both have reveal events upcoming. i was also fixed on buying a 3070, but stock are reportedly going to be very low, so i am going to wait for AMD 6000 series gpus as well to release on october. i would suggest you do the same as well. another piece of advice, in the indian market, prices in retail and offline shops are much lesser than thos you find online, like on amazon, mdcomputers, vedant or primeabgb. consider having a look at your offline market as well. in bangalore, rx5700xts that i find for 41k online are sold for 35k offline.
  6. gaming wise, assuming youre talking about fps, intel has always been ahead till date, but we dont know what the 11th gen intel and 4th gen ryzen cpus have in store for us. assuming you decide to wait, only time will tell. however, if youre buying a cpu and motherboard now, intel would perform better in gaming scenarios. do not however, that the intel cpus cost more for the same number of cores, and you will have to spend a premium on a good z490 motherboard as well as an aftermarket cooler, since the intel stock cooler will not suffice. amd on the other hand can run easily with a budget motherboard and a stock cooler if you go intel, get the i5-10600k with a good z490 motherboard (i selected the asus tuf z490 wifi) and a cooler like the bequiet dark rock 4 or a cooler master hyper 212m bringing your total to 540 dollars according to pcpartpicker. if you go amd, get the ryzen 7 3700x with a good b550 or x570 motherboard (i selected the msi b550 tomahawk) of your choice with good power delivery and the features you want., bringing your cpu+motherboard to 480 dollars according to pcpartpicker note: the 3700x is overclockable and comes with 8 cores and 16 threads; the 10600k is overclockable and comes with 6 cores and 12 threads. you can refer to external benchmarks to make your choice if youre buying now, but i would strongly suggest you wait for the new cpus
  7. is your 85000 rupee budget including or excluding your 3070/3060? if you can wait a bit, the new zen3 ryzen 4000 series cpus are being revealed in the first week of october, and the new 6000 series AMD gpus are releasing in the last week of october. i would suggest you wait for these launches before making a decision. as for your motherboard chipsets, z390 with a 9th gen cpu is not viable. z390 is dead, and only consider going for 11th gen upcoming intel cpus with a z490 or whatever refresh intel comes up with amd wise, b550 and x570 are most likely the last motherboards to support the am4 platform, which is what the ryzen 3000 and 4000 series cpus will run on. any further motherboard chipsets will be for 5th gen ryzen, which wont support am4. so there is no point whether you go for x570 or b550, they will all support ryzen 4000 latest. psu wise, id recommend you go with a 550-750w corsair RMx psu, with an 80+ gold certification. also, may i know what state in india you are buying from?
  8. hello! i am using a system with realtek audio, and the hd audio manager has an equalizer that i can adjust to affect my sound output. it has a couple other dials that i havent seen on other equalizers, and i am confused as to what setting would give me the most punchy bass without drowning out the vocals and trebles from the songs i listen to. i think my pc's audio hardware is pretty lacking, since i get much cleaner and powerful bass from my phone and laptop. i use a pair of Beats Mixr headphones, with a good quality aux cable and i mainly listen to hip-hop, rap, trap and edm songs, ones you would expect to have powerful bass. the bass preset on the equalizer is pretty bad, and i can barely enjoy the music playing. can someone please help me configure these settings in order for me to get some nice bass? thanks a bunch in advance
  9. there was a new custom map made by AMD in fortnite, and a streamer who was playing on the map found an easter egg where if you entered the digits "6000" onto a console of some sort, a message that reads "Something BIG is coming to the AMD Battle Arena!" is printed other than that im sorry i got nothing else for you
  10. the new asus zenfone 7 looks nice, as well as the oppo and vivo alternatives. depends on what country you live in.
  11. ah yes, thats amazing! enjoy your pc when it arrives!
  12. 570 with 4 or 8 gigs, 3 gig 1060 is way too low
  13. i dont think there would be much of a performance hit if you paired a 3070 with a ryzen 3600. can you tell me whats the model of your motherboard and power supply?
  14. yeah, of course it will run. in fact itll run much more quieter than it would on a 650, since the wattage is higher 3200 is good and 3600 is better. you can get either.
  15. sorry, i disagree, antec does make some really good products, PSUs included.