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  1. Hmm ok, sucks i guess. Luckily i will only use it until 4th gen releases. Thanks for your answer, have a good one.
  2. Hi guys! Im testing my 3100 and went for some overclocking since everyone says it has a lot of potential. Unfortunately it won't go over 4.1GHz. Im able to boot with 4.2GHz but starting a Cinebench results in a crash. I tried basically everything: different loadline settings, different voltages, BIOS update, etc. I don't get it. Am I doing something wrong or did I just get the worst 3100 ever? System specs: CPU: Ryzen 3 3100 Cooler: beQuiet Pure Rock 2 Mobo: Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro Ps: beQuiet Pure Power 11 500W RAM: 16gb Patriot Viper 3600 CL17 Thanks in advance. Edit: After some minutes in P95 it turns out that not even 4.1GHz is stable, after a while 1 thread stops.
  3. Was planning on getting the Aorus Pro. I think I'll do it, thanks to both of you, have a great day!
  4. Hi guys! Since summer holidays started for me a week ago i want to start gaming again. But my 4670 really is on its last legs in modern games and bottlenecks my 5700xt enormously. My plan was to upgrade with B550 and Ryzen 4000. But since its a while until 4000 releases, my question is: Does it make any sense to buy an (for example) 3300x, put it on the b550 until 4th gen releases and sell it after just like half a year? Looking forward to your advice.
  5. Thank you for your answer! I saw the LG 27GL850 (540€, available in 1 month) and the LG 27GL83A-B (480€, available now) do you know what the exact difference between those two is?
  6. So after a PC upgrade, it was time for a new monitor. I figured that with my new hardware 1440p would be an amazing upgrade. So i started looking for good values and i remembered why i fucking hate having to buy a new display. There is literally no display in existence for which you cant find thousands of reviews talking about blb, ips glow, flickering etc. etc. So i just started by looking for a good value and found the MSI Optix MAG271CQ for a really good price (350€). I was a bit sceptical because of the VA panel since i read a lot of bad things about them. However, im on a 24" Samsung 1080p TN panel, what could go wrong, right? When the monitor arrived, i knew that i would return it after about 2 seconds after booting into windows. The grain was unbelievable. I was hyped for a totally crisp 1440p image, instead i got an image with visible pixels. Nice. The flickering with turned on freesync was another nice feature. As well as the yellowish whites. Now i am basically lost in a sea of thousands of 1440p monitors and tests. I thought maybe someone from around here could help me. What i need: 1440p, a high(er) refresh rate, FreeSync / GSync, decent to good colors (at least as good as the TN Samsung im on right now), a crisp image and a pricetag under 450€ A friend recommended me the Acer Nitro XV272UP or the ViewSonic VX2758-2K-MHD. The problem is, both of them are not available in germany at the moment. (delivery times between 35-80 days) Is there another good option? Or should i just invest a bit more to end the display lottery? Thanks in advance, stay healthy!
  7. The MW550 is more than enough to power that system.
  8. Hi LTT Community! Since I just got my 5700 XT and looking for a new main monitor, i was figuring out if I should get a 1080p 144Hz monitor or if I should upgrade to 1440p 144Hz. I looked through a lot of benchmarks recently and it looks like the 5700 XT has no big problems with 1440p. Some games get a 1%low of a bit under 60fps, but those games seemed to be the ones which are poorly optimized. In most games it averages at 70-100fps. 1080p is obviously no problem for the card and most of the games average at over 100fps. My questions are: 1. Is the difference in quality (1080p vs 1440p) so big that it's worth it to sacrifice 15-25% of the frames? 2. Is there a very noticeable difference with a 144Hz Freesync monitor, even on 70-90fps? (Compared to a normal 60Hz) 3. Is it to be expected that the 5700 XT manages to run new games on 1440p and Ultra / High settings with good fps in the upcoming years? I would be super happy if you guys could help me out. Also sorry for my bad english, im from germany. Thank you and stay healthy!