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  1. I have done stand alone engine management systems on all my person vehicles due to I can’t leave anything I own stock but aside from that I dismantled a old win xp hp laptop to extend the monitor and install it in my truck as a tuning pc but as I run it it’s on board Gpu and many other chips are crazy hot just running Windows alone is it worth it to cool every chip? Thanks for your help!
  2. It’s in a PCIe slot there’s one under that old gpu and I only had that card on there powering a monitor with the computers lvls and I wanted to see if it still worked correctly and it does. I removed the card tried it tried swiping their placements still didn’t work so figuring my motherboard isn’t compatible with that ssd Atleast I can’t get it to work so I purchased a dell R610 server and it works with it thanks for your help just gotta get more ram for the server now
  3. I do have a ancient amd system but I doubt it would work with that one when it isn’t with my most recent build
  4. asus z97-ar Intel i7 quad core 4.0 g corsair 16 gb ram evga GeForce 1060 8gb geforce 450 6gb 430w power supply is what I’m running atm what do you think my issue is that’s stoping this from working? My system is a dead idle using nothing there shouldn’t be a reason it won’t let it boot off my normal hard drives what’s I connect it:/
  5. I have it in a PCIe x16 slot internet says it doesn’t matter if it’s only a x4 card is that correct?
  6. I installed it and my pc won’t boot or even send a video signal to my monitor is my power supply not strong enough or do I need to adjust bios or is my board not compatible I’ll look and see what I can find on my board I remove it and my pc boots fine
  7. How do I check if my motherboard has that support this is my board ASUS Z97-AR it has remarkable read and write speeds I’d like to use it!
  8. Iv got this Intel® SSD DC P4600 Series 2Tb is it possible to use it on my intel gaming pc?