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  1. If someone is looking at this topic and have a same problem with those 2 games. For me helped: Turn on Freesync + turn off Vsync in all games. + In witcher find your witcher.exe file go to properties.. select compatibility and check "Trun off Fullscreen optimalization" You will experience 1 - 2 stutters when starting up the game or when you complete your quest. Have a nice day.
  2. Well I dont know Im not an expert but when Metro Exodus and Cod Warzone is able to run smooth and Witcher + Mad Max have somehow random frametime spikes... its weird. I would expect some problems in more GPU heavy games than in Mad Max and Witcher.
  3. Well I never had a bluescreen or something like that. I can try to use my TV instead of monitor. (I will do that tomorrow because its late night in Europe) My monitor can cause stuttering ? Because that would explain a lot. I experienced stuttering in Cod Warzone because it was using more than should. So I limited VRAM usage to 7GB instead of 8GB and stutter dissapeard but Witcher uses max 3GB of VRAM and Mad Max too
  4. Also my GPU is on 100% in Witcher and it is reaching 72 Degrees max
  5. So if I understand your telling me that my GPU is bad ? I just want to repeat that when I unplugged GPU the line was still there and when I had HDMI cable few months back even my screen was flashing after few hours of palying Metro Exodus. So is there a possibility that it is my monitor ?
  6. I dont know what do you mean by: Take a photo of the line when you can and return it to where you got it and explain in normal situations its clearly broken, needs an RMA and you want a replacement. English is not my main language sorry
  7. Hello I want to ask you for help or your opinion. My PC: RTX 2070 VENTUS 8G Ryzen 5 3600 2x8 GB RAM 3200Mhz X570 Mobo Nvme SSD So when Im playing Witcher 3 or Mad Max I can see some stutter with my MSI afterburner. I have stable FPS but my Frametime spikes up sometimes. It happens sometimes in the fight especially in Witcher in Mad Max I do not even notice that when it happens. I have both games installated on Nvme SSD In witcher its like 0,5s but in Mad Max its not that often but when it happens it is for like 1s - 1,5s It is not caused by autosaving. I just want to mention that it never stuttered in games like: GTA V, Call of Duty Warzone or For Honor. +Yesterday I played Mad Max on max settings 144FPS 144Hz and after like 2 hours grey horizontal line appeared on my screen. It was even on my desktop or on google chrome. I unpluged Display Port and wanted to try HDMI cable but it was not the cable. Also I have noticed that when i unplugged GPU and on my screen shows up "No signal" there was still that line. After like 30 minutes that line dissapeared.
  8. Hello. When I start up my PC it took longer time to show up the ASUS logo to have option to go to BIOS. My motherboard is - Asus Prime X570-P Also i noticed when I plug fan in to CPU FAN 2 header my PC will boot up but after few seconds it will freeze and does not want to boot even in to the bios screen after that. Only fans are spinning so I have to unplug it. Do you have any idea how to fix atleast one of these problems ?
  9. Well tomorrow I'm going to find out how cooler it will be. My AMD Ryzen Master is telling me that 95c is maximum.
  10. I have Fractal Design Focus G Case. So i have already 2 140mm in front. And I will add 120mm fan at the back. When I put my hand on glass near the GPU i can really feel how warm it is inside when I am playing games. So i guess that the hot air stays in and thats my main problem. But I am just guessing
  11. Hello, thank you for advice. I already bought one more fan so its bit too late. I am sorry. I am not from english speaking country so I am lost in those english words
  12. Sure I am trying to keep those temps low but in the summer its really hard. I have heard that PC will shut down on 95 degrees but It sounds really weird.. imagine that you can run your CPU on 90 degrees for 5 hours.. Isnt that too much ? And yes I will try to improve airflow adding one fan at the back of the case to take air out and I already have 2 in the front to take in the cool air. But anyways thank you for advice !
  13. Thank you. I will try to keep my temps as low as possible and also I will hope that better airflow will cool down my CPU under 80s
  14. Thank you. One more thing i want to ask. Is it bad when it for a second runs on 80 degrees ? Or should I get those temps under 80 ?
  15. @Samfisher Its polish Fera 3 cooler