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  1. Hey people! So I wanna try out Linux: I downloaded Pop!OS and made a bootable USB-Drive with Rufus. Then I set my Boot Order to the USB Drive first and tried booting into PopOS but there was some sort of Error: I was stuck in this Loop thing (Clicking on the first screen led to the second one and on the second screen to continue ment getting back to the first screen and so on). So then I tried another distro but I got errors too when trying to boot. please help!
  2. the dell xps 15 is available with a decent graphics card i think
  3. but the g15 has only one ram slot accesible
  4. if you give a f** about responsetime and tearing and generally the display then the a15 is better. I would take the g15 because the a15 display is just crap
  5. I want to buy more ram for my laptop. so i'd like to know if there are other things than speed and capacity that matter and what to look for/avoid.
  6. Hey guys! I'm currently looking for a laptop and i've found the helios 300 and the rog g 15 to be the best ones i could get for my money. They both cost 1500€ and have 1tb ssd. The helios 300 has a 1660ti and i7- 9750H cpu. The rog g15 has a 1660 ti maxq and a r7 4800hs but worse temperatures. Which one should I get?