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  1. I have an ASUS maximus vi GENE mobo and I want to update my BIOS to the latest one need the step by steps of it' since I cant see any clear instructions online, Thanks
  2. well, at least a bit of increase in performance
  3. Im planning to Overclock my Ram, RAM: Hyper X Fury 8gb 1866mhz MOBO: Asus Maximus vi gene procie: i5 4690 i know i cant OC the procie since its not K series but can I OC my ram only? how?
  4. trying to get the 2600s tho but its really hard to find/ any 2nd gen procie that you think will work best
  5. I have an H61H2-AD Mobo, which i've searched and says max TPD 65w, now the 2nd gen i7 or i5 i prefer for upgrade is 95 w so im wondrin if it will be an issue if thats the case or I can just go ahead and put the 95w in place
  6. so i have to choose a 65 watts cpu then?
  7. just in addition i found out that my mobo is on 65w max, but the i5 2500 is 95watt cpu, is that gonna be fine?
  8. not so sure yet bout the budget but as long as itll be compatible to the mobo given and will give way better performance i'll buy it
  9. wanting to play games some games smoothly like sniper 2 and the like
  10. What would be the best gpu that I can use to my H61H2-AD MOBO (an old mobo here) and I only have Pentium G630 and 6GB RAM thanks
  11. Any one who has a Manual of H61h2-ad? trying to check where to put fan pin and some other stuff thanks
  12. since theyre both 1155, does that mean that all those on the list will fit in? sorry coz I only have 1 shot on this. and I cant mess up lol
  13. I have an H61h2-ad Mobo and currently have Pentium G630 on it, i searched for compatible CPUs and it says i5 2nd Gen quad. Now since a 2nd gen i5 will be compatble, can I also use the i7 2nd gen on it? and if es, any 2nd gen i7 procie that you can suggest? Thanks!
  14. I have a 4GB RAM installed in my computer but as I've checked thru task manager and System Settings it only says 2GB usable. How can I maximize the 4GB that i have? Thanks
  15. I tried to check the BIOS but no option for XMP any suggestions to speed up the computer? i mean aside from changing parts of course