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  1. Where exactly can you find the option about GPU in the BIOS?
  2. My friend downloaded the latest up to date driver from nvidia, that's what's most concerning, and making me think it's the GPU that's dead, I'll give it another go for the drivers though, try to find an older one/newer one if possible..
  3. So my friend wanted to do some video-editing on Premiere Pro, when an error popped up about video driver compatibility issues.. I thought that it is driver related, but after checking information with GPU-Z these are the things that loaded (check attachments-images).. I think that the GPU is dead, since the laptop's battery died, but I'm not sure, opinions on this, and any ways it can be fixed?
  4. So, this is what happens when I try to launch any game.. Even though in the grahpics settings it is specified for the application to use the GPU, it doesn't work.. The GPU load is stuck at 0%, and this is how the whole experience looks, here's a video, and a benchmark from GPU-Z with all the statistics.. And no, this is not because of the mods, I have 0 graphics mods installed, this happens in every game.. GPU-Z Sensor Log.txt
  5. I am using the latest drivers, downloaded the latest AMD drivers especially, but the GPU seems to have problems loading/crashing.. I wasn't playing games for a while, except skyrim so it wasn't a problem, but now I really need the GPU to work.. Contacted dell support before, but they told me to try turning off turboboost on bios, but that didn't sork..
  6. Hi, after I've removed the battery on my dell inspiron 5570, the graphics card (AMD Radeon 530 4GB GDDR5) just doesn't load at all, I've checked with Heaven Benchmark.. If I do set a game to high performance in graphics settings, the game just drops to ~5FPS, and the audio stutters (literally crashes my whole laptop, I can't do anything), therefore rendering my GPU literally unusable..I've asked Dell Tech Support before, but they suggested disabling Intel Turboboost which didn't help.. Any help'd be appreciated..
  7. There's a lot of programs that coincide with the replies, as some of them were already mentioned, but here are all the programs/tweaks that I find useful after every re-install of the OS: 7zip - great alternative to winrar and it doesn't have the annoying free trial box.. Also, better features (said by others).. Windows Debloat Script - although not a program, it's a tweak that just rids of very useless programs from Windows and cleans a lot of memory for your games/apps to use.. K-Lite Media Codec Pack - Install a lot of useful codecs that you can later use in other programs. VLC Media Player - Best media player, and it just does the job for me. Winamp - Best .mp3, .flac player that there is on the market if you ask me.. Quicktime - Deemed useful for a lot of Adobe programs, it includes the .264 codec I think. f.lux - Makes it easier for your eyes as the night hours come qBitTorrent - Opensource torrenting software without the annoying ads that are at BitTorrent. RivaTurner Statistics - Let's you cap the game's FPS and monitor it, with a couple of other useful features. Discord - Communicating with others. mp3tag - Let's me change audio files' covers, author's name, etc.. ShareX or Lightshot - Both change the printscreen function that comes with windows, but I prefer ShareX more as it has a better UI, and it can also take screenshots in games.. The new Microsoft Edge - It's similar to Chrome, minus Chrome's use of RAM. OBS Studio - Best video recorder out there, that has an auto-configuration wizard. Kaspersky Antivirus - Deemed the best option by many, so I just stick with it, replacing the Windows Defender. Microsoft Office apps - Plain simple choice, as it's the most used worldwide. Rufus - Creating bootable installations on USBs. Handbrake - Compresses the video's quality, noticably reducing the file size when needed, while the change in quality is really small. Adobe Programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects) - Just seem like the best choice, as they are all compatible with each other.. Blender - Best free 2D/3D video editing program that's actually open source I think. Sony Vegas Pro - Another video editor that's widely praised for its features. Virustotal - While not being a program, it's definitely useful to check files' integrity from all the antiviruses, not only from 1. uBlock origin - The best extension that prevents ads and malware sites just by being installed as an extension. AdsBypasser - Another extension, I don't use it myself, but I think it's used to skip adfly sites and such.. Hope my list of applications/tweaks will help you all out
  8. My first setup - nVidia 9600 GS, Intel Pentium Dual Core, 4GB ram, and a 500GB storage drive.. That PC lasts even today without any problem.. I remember it being able to play games like Crysis which were considered great back then without any problems.. But I just replaced that whole setup with an Asus laptop, then with a Dell Inspiron 5570.. That setup is now at my cousin's place, and it functions without any problems, as it does lighter gaming without any problems, but runs into problems when a newer game is added (it makes problems with DirectX support I think, not %100 sure). A minor change that they had to do is just change the graphics card to a nVidia GT 920..
  9. As a high school student in Macedonia, the outbreak definitely showed some weak spots in the preparedness of the World to deal with such things.. The situation here with treatments and stuff is fairly good (there's no full hospitals, and nearly everyone gets the treatment they need except some patients that were mis-diagnosed, but their number is ~5).. The number of deaths here is 95 people (it's a fairly small country, with ~2 million people from which 1750 got infected), and I think that this could have been avoided if most of the people took the stuff seriously.. Numbers started to go low around a week ago ( there was like 6 per day), and the restrictions were loosened up, which from my PoV was a mistake, as the people started going out in groups all the time, and the numbers started growing again. It definitely changed a lot of things, and a lot of families got hit hard, but I do believe that with news about possible vaccines, and if people take this more seriously with not believing conspiracy theories that come from unknown sources and following rules, there are gonna be better days.
  10. I remember playing Colin McRae Rally when I was younger, and a couple of other Rally games, I definitely liked their advanced gameplay & graphics back in the days.. Will definitely try them, thanks for the suggestions
  11. When you are in the formatting menu, just format your C drive, and keep the other partitions/drives unformatted, that way you can still access those other partitions/drives even after you formatted your C drive.. But do indeed do at least some of the things I told you, Avast from my PoV seems to be a very polished antivirus that's not really as good as it's being told as.. Hope you can get your laptop fixed
  12. I'd say that you should try to format your PC, and avoid using antivirus programs such as avast.. After I've searched for quite some time I've found that Kaspersky seems to be a better solution than Avast, and since I've installed it it definitely seems like that.. I'd also suggest you install uBlock origin as an extension on your web browser so it can stop redirects that can lead to viruses if Kaspersky doesn't do that.. About finding your partitions, they should appear on the menu while formatting(installing windows).. Also, if you do decide to format I'd suggest you to make Windows 10 lighter following LowSpecGamer's guide on his youtube channel, it'll really remove a lot of unnecessary windows 10 programs, and just make your PC boot/work faster.. Hope any of this will help you out.
  13. Checked out all of the games, and they seem just exactly what I was looking for, especially Fallout 3 ( Fallout New Vegas also seems like a great game as it came to my recommended tab right after I checked out Fallout 3).. Jade Empire and Kingdoms of Amalur also seem to be great games, appreciate the suggestions, I'll definitely give them a try
  14. Thanks for the suggestion, with it being free right now, I'll actually give it a go.. Their whole launcher had crashed by the people that were trying to get GTA V for free, services seem to be running back up, but their launcher's kind of messed up, uses a lot of resources, I can kind of see why they have to give out $40 games for free just so they can build an user base..
  15. Hi, I've got back to Skyrim (modded it with a lot of quest mods, new lands, armor mods, immersive etc..) and I've been wondering if anyone knows simmilar games like Skyrim excluding other Elder Scrolls titles and The Witcher..