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    ...computers obviously


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    Ryzen 5 3600
  • Motherboard
    Asrock B450m Steel Legend
  • RAM
    G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200mhz CL16 2x16GB
  • GPU
    Asus DUAL GTX1070-O8G
  • Case
    NZXT s340 Elite
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    256 gb samsung 860, 2 + 4TB Seagate barracuda
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    EVGA 650 watt
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    Samsung 27" CRG5 240hz + BenQ
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    2x120mm noctua + 1 nzxt case fan (otherone broke) + 1 H7 cryorig + 2x7AUD$ 120mm fans from scorptec

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  1. yep Im having the same issue aswell. But I have found that when I run my cpu at stock it does not occur, but when I run my cpu overclocked it does. very weird.
  2. Not sure if the reason is correct, although ur rationale definetly makes sense to me. Using Liquid metal on the die would probably increase the heat transfer, aswell as reducing the thickness of the ihs, not that I am reccomending you go ahead an do that haha. Not even sure if it is possible/worth it on AMD proccessors, I have only really heard about people doing it on intel Cpu's. Yes, this is pretty similar to what I experienced. How is your pc setup thermally speaking? may potentially aid your abillity to do the p95 test, although if it is an unrealistic use case scenario, it probably is not worth your while.
  3. You sir are a intellectual. Just needed to reseat, all showing up now, no problem. Thank you very much.
  4. ok fair enough, I figured it is worth asking haha. I shoulda asked prior to installing lmao. sorry about the mad off topicness of my posts, but literally just got delivered a hyper 212x (don't really want to discuss why publically ... pm i guess?) is the hyper 212x going to perform better than a h7 cryorig?
  5. Thanks, this helps a lot. Did you happen to purchase your CPU fairly recently? I decided to take the advice of the r/overclocking FAQ, since my pc is my daily driver I dont want to risk degradation by going over 1.2v static. Not sure if you had heard abouut that, but it seems to get mentioned fairly often.
  6. Hi guys, as the title says, I've gotta 48gb ram installed, only 2 is showing up, presumably due to am4 motherboards only supporting dual channel. Currently only channels 3/4 are being utilised but the other ram has definelty been detected as there was an error message. I would like to use 1 kit as nanflash for hdd's or as extra vram maybe? haha I'm not sure. the 32gb kit is 3200mhz g.skill ripjaws v 2x16, the other is 2x8gb 2400mhz corsair vengence lpx. If this is totally stupid and a waste of time, sorry for wasting anyones time haha I think it's kinda cool. Side note kinda: As many of u probably did aswell, this morning I downloaded valorant, the anti-cheat was super suss and I vaguely remember hearing a large uproar about this during the beta. Since reading this article I have removed all riot games software an reinstalled windows. How likely is it that this anti-cheat software is actually doing the things the article claims? I mean I love sausage rolls as much as the next guy, but I have never heard of them, an like they may be super reputable but like idk. Really interested to hear what others think about this. sorry for the rant, thanks for reading.
  7. ok this makes sense, thanks. Can you reccomend settings for stress testing on prime95? I can safely tick off realbench has been running for ages. I'm also getting OCCT, what settings should I use for that? thanks
  8. Haha dont worry, at the time of posting I had run cinebench once, which yes is not adequate on it's own. Then validated with realbench for about an hour. depbating whether or not it is worthwhile running prime 95 for the next 4ish hours or another stress test. So far so good btw, thanks. Do you have any reccomendations for which setting's to use on p95, or are there any other stress tests that you would reccomend? Cheers!
  9. Update: 5am now lol, that being said, I kind of have something to show for it? 4.4ghz 1.175v is stable. I was messing around with higher clock speeds, but since I do not want to exceed 1.2v, it is not really looking possible at the moment with my current knowledge at least.
  10. Ok, fair enough. Thanks you probably just saved me a bunch of time and multiple headaches.
  11. Do you have any tips/advice on how to minimise the time investment?
  12. Do you think that the performance benefit justifies the time investment?