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  1. That is the problem I think. It is not the same it shows in the modem page as the google result. Thank you soooo much mate.
  2. I also tried it with another computer, and its still the same.
  3. Can I ask you one more thing? Will it work if I replace my modem with another one? And by the way they said that I was using vdsl.
  4. Hey you know what? You are a literal lifesaver. All of my problems went away! Thanks!
  5. After they were gone we just connected it to the wall, and our building was brand new so this happened 1 week after infrastructure was setup.
  6. Do you mean a modem login password with the admin thing?
  7. It is not about keeping ip and also i changed my isp. It is changed but dont worry about it.
  8. Had to move out and there were no fiber cabling .
  9. The thing is the other ports are not able to open either like unturned and terraria, so its not about the server.
  10. The same computer. But compeletely reinstalled windows and still the same.
  11. Yeah i have port forwarded terraria and it did not work.