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  1. Taking a look at it on the link below, it doesn't mention it being a router, only an access point, am I missing something? https://www.pbtech.co.nz/product/NETUBI50311/Ubiquiti-airCube-ACB-AC-airMAX-Home-Wi-Fi-Access-P
  2. Perhaps the amplifi range may be better. Much easier for them to be able to control it via the app.
  3. Currently upstairs they have a Vodafone Ultra hub which is more of a plug and play type of router, There's basically no customization in it at all aside from being able to select your own SSID and wifi password so I'd need a different router as well as an AP sadly.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm wondering what you would recommend for a network set up these days. I visited my parents house over the weekend which is a 2 story house and they've set up the downstairs bedroom for Air bnb people to stay in. I immediately noticed that they were handing out the WiFi password to their main network rather than having a guest one which raised security concerns for me. Doesn't look like their current router can do guest networks or Vlans so I've been looking into options to replace their router. I was thinking Unifi like I have set up at home but they're not the most tech savvy type so they'd need me to troubleshoot any issues and I'm not sure if it's entirely required since they don't have many active connections. That along with WiFi 6 coming more mainstream and i was thinking perhaps the TP Archer Ax 10 but I'm not experienced with archer routers to know how good they are. Anyway, what would you recommend here?
  5. Drat the Fire HD tablet looks like it disconnects when I make the wifi SSID invisible too.
  6. The Lan and Main wireless are on the same network, it's just the IOT devices that are going to be on their own Vlan with firewall rules like in the tutorial. The tutorial also mentions creating a NoT network but I don't think any of my devices fit that so I haven't included it at the moment. Yeah I didn't think the Xbox would be a risk but then I started thinking well the Xbox one s is going to be outdated soon and the odds of constant updates after the next gen comes out might make it a target I know its unlikely but its a thought I had. Also fire Tablet is still something I'm undecided on, It's a low end budget tablet and I don't spend much time on it at all at the moment just mounted to show the weather and recipes, this may change if I can find a treadmill mount but I'm still not sure.
  7. Hey everyone, I've been following along this tutorial to try to safeguard my network in my home as I don't want one of my cheaper smart home devices being compromised and being a gateway into my network. I've started the process of connecting devices to different SSIDs and the IOT devices will then go onto their own Vlan but I'm wondering if I'm selecting the right devices, for example I'm not sure if my Amazon Fire Tablet should be trusted to be on my main network or the IOT network, same with the Xbox although this one is mostly due to seeing another network guy put his Xbox outside of his main network. Also my Lan includes my Amazon Fire Cube, not entirely sure about this but the video doesn't cover separate Lans. So I guess the question I'm asking is where would you place these devices on the network? So far the network is this: Lan: Main computer, amazon fire cube, Samsung smart tv, phillips hue hub, steamlink, Main wireless network: Mobile phone, Laptop and last but not least the Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet (I only really use this as a kitchen display, thinking of attaching it to my treadmill to watch netflix on if i can find a mount) My IOT network with separated SSIDs between 5 and 2.4 on Vlan 20 5ghz: Xbox One S, Amazon Fire Tv stick, My echo show, fitbit aria scale and 2 echo dots 2.4ghz: 5 Sonoff smart switches, 2 broadlink minis, 2 wyzecams, 1 kettle, my sprinkler system, an LED strip & ring doorbell Would you change anything?
  8. Hey there everyone, I'm looking for a way to automatically apply an icon that's on a parent folder to all subfolders within it. Can anyone tell me if this is possible? I can't find anything on google Cheers
  9. Think they're just cashing in because they know the demand?
  10. Hey there everyone, Like most people I was excited to see the new 30 series but seeing the prices here in NZ has me questioning whether we're getting ripped off. They're $699 USD in the US converting that to NZD is $1033.63 adding 15% GST would be $1188 Assuming import costs divided by unit, I still don't know how stores are getting their prices to the $1500s and $1700s without massive mark ups Am I missing something? https://www.pbtech.co.nz/category/components/video-cards/nvidia-desktop-graphics-cards/geforce-rtx-3080
  11. Where would you recommend putting that cable through? It's the one thats applying pressure against the case.
  12. Sweet I'll keep the ram, psu and storage. I do want to replace the case though As you can see the back cable photos, especially with that thick PSU to motherboard cable, it's not that easy to work with. I'd be looking for a motherboard with more fan headers than this one, possibly an RGB header and also bluetooth and at least 6 sata slots for sure. I want to give myself room this time to make it more fancy over time with good lighting
  13. Sweet and do you have any board recommendations or things i should be looking for?
  14. Just realized I said less not more for cores, my bad. Is there a release date on these chips? Would I need a new PSU for this additional power? I'm also still a bit hesitant to go watercooling. I'm nervous one day it'll leak and go onto the components and just destroy everything. That's why i went for a fan on my first build. I was thinking the black noctua DH15 for the next build.