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    Nitro plus 5700XT

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  1. Isn’t that the early adopters tax?
  2. If you game at 1440p 144Hz in AAA games then a 3080 is more than sufficient.
  3. A 3070 will allow you to play at 144 Hz 1080p in AAA games with the settings cranked up to ultra. It would also handle 1440p 144Hz which is in my experience (having just upgraded from a 1080p 165Hz to a 1440p 165Hz monitor) is a much better choice for a 3070. My 5700XT performs well paired with this monitor so I imagine a 3070 would do even better.
  4. Have you downloaded the sapphire software that allows you to switch between the primary bios and secondary bios? The secondary bios is quieter so you might want to try that.
  5. From the benchmarks so far, it appears that a 3080 is good for mostly 4K 60Hz. If I were considering 4K 144Hz I would go for a 3090 just to be on the safe side. Games only get more demanding to run over time, not less. If you want to use the card for the next 2-3 years at 4K 144Hz, especially on newer AAA games, then a 3090 is the way to go. Otherwise get a 3080 but be prepared to turn the settings down to keep high FPS at 4K.
  6. Contrary to what a lot of people say, the 9700K is not a terrible buy in 2020. Yes, the lack of hyperthreading might mean that you need to upgrade sooner but 8 cores will still last you a long time just for gaming. And you do have the option of a 9900K on the same motherboard.
  7. In Japan the 3070 will be 760 USD and the 3080 around 1050. The 3090 will be a whopping 2200 USD.
  8. Just out of interest, why did it die? Not enough people bought into it or games are not designed to make use of two GPUs?
  9. For a 3080, I would think that a 1440p 144Hz monitor would definitely give you a better experience. For 1080p 144Hz, the highest I'd go is a 3070 (or AMD equivalent).
  10. I have just bought a 1440p 144 Hz monitor in anticipation of the upcoming new GPU releases. I’m currently playing with a 5700XT on a 165 Hz 1080p. In my opinion it’s not overkill because I like to play games with ultra details and high FPS. I’ll probably pick up a 3070 or equivalent AMD card and it should be good for 1440p 144Hz.
  11. Is there a particular reason for the 4 monitors?
  12. So I have a 24 inch 165 Hz 1080p monitor and I am thinking of upgrading to a 27 inch 1440p 144 Hz soon. If I buy a cheaper model (HP X27i) I can afford to keep both, However, if I but a more expensive model (Asus VG27AQ) I will have to sell my 1080p monitor. So I was just wondering are there any advantages of keeping both apart from being able to choose the size and resolution for less/demanding games to keep the frame rate high without having to lower the settings?
  13. That’s a pretty decent price for a 2070 Super. But if you want to play at 1440p 144 Hz then you might want to buy a 3070 (at twice the price). It will give you a much better experience overall.