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  1. Do y’all know any alternative HotSwap keyboards like the GMMK that Has a usb C port? , Again I would get the GMMK because of its price but I kinda dislike that it has a Micro Port. the reason for my search for one is because I want to put in my own Switches because i recently got new ones
  2. So the build I’m doing is a game / stream rig (That will game on 1080p and stream on Very High720p) my system is going to be run on a Ryzen 3600 Mobo - MSI Tomahawk Max but picking my GPU is kinda weird because. Initially I was going to go for a Gigabyte GTX 2060 OC 6GB , but then some one also mentioned to think about getting a MSI Radeon RX 5700 XT 8 GB MECH OC instead. I picked to go with the 2060 because NVENC but than people say the extra 2 GBs that the 5700XT has makes a difference. Soo Im not sure what to do
  3. Peripheral not included windows not included , storage can be varied but more storage would be preferable!
  4. Soo I’m planning on a new build. And I wanna see if you guys can help. So let’s c what you got I live in NY Budget is 900 USD *and obviously because of this pandemic prices are high but this build isn’t urgent so it’s a build I’m going do after everything is stable.* Purpose of this build is to be able to Livestream/Game at 1080p with obviously good Frames. let me know what parts I should go for. Also make sure Everything is compatible with each other and it’s Bios ready. I don’t wanna blow my house please, thank you.
  5. EVGA BR 600 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply would this PSU be able to support a CPU- 1600AF GPU- Gigabyte 1660 super And would it also support a AMD R5 3600 in the future ?
  6. There’s many ASRock pro 4s with various prices , would you care to link me the one tour talking about please
  7. Can someone tell me a motherboard to go for that is not surpassing 100 USD please my CPU is going to be a 1600 AF and my GPU is going to be a Gigabyte 1660 super I also am going to upgrade my CPU To possibly a R5 3600 in the future so I want to make sure the motherboard can be compatible!
  8. Rippppp ima keep that in mind if does go back in stock tho
  9. Where did you find that PSU for that low please link me that , I can’t seem to find it even when I click ur link
  10. So than what PSU should I use then.? For a R5 1600 AF ? I am going to upgrade than in. The future to a 3600 so keep that in mind
  11. Alright sorry for late reply but what PSU do you think I should get than since you had your opinions on the platinum one. Which PSU should I get to match the R5 1600 AF and gigabyte 1660super. And btw I will upgrade that cpu to a 3600 in the future
  12. My Budget is under 700 and I’m in US. I want my build to be able to stream and game. I’m looking to upgrade my parts in the future as well so keep that in mind. out of these 3 builds which one should I go for . *ALSO PLEASE* If you see any tweaks I can do to better the build you think i should get in terms of performance or price. please let me know First PC https://pcpartpicker.com/list/V6YdzN Second PC https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LYMFq3 Last PC https://pcpartpicker.com/list/zYH427