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  1. https://imgur.com/a/wqQS95M See, I want the image background to disappear, but it just turns black. Tried JPG and PNG, same effect. What am I doing wrong?
  2. Fans are at 3200 RPM, CPU is at 20%, GPU is at 50. Updated drivers, laptop is plugged in, connected to an external monitor (2560x1440p 120hz). Yet in Minecraft (Basic, PVP texture pack, no shaders, these settings https://imgur.com/a/USiUAIs ), I'm getting random drops to 50-60 FPS constantly. Any ideas? It has 4GBs of RAM allocated.
  3. Hi, so I have a MSI GS75 Stealth with a RTX 2060. When I try to plug in my AOC CQ32Q1 to it though, over a HDMI 2.0 cable, it either doesn't display to the monitor at all, or is capped at 2560x1440p at 75hz. Can HDMI 2.0 support a higher refresh rate at 2560x1440p? Which HDMI port should I be plugging into?
  4. No, I mean how can I just set it so that from the windows start menu they can't shut it down? Power button I have a fix for, and my power plug is locked in with screws.
  5. Like, I want my laptop to restart and sleep, but unless I plug out the power cord, I want it to never shut down even from windows. How could I do this? Or, how could I make it so people can't shutdown my laptop in software without the password?
  6. I have a monitor (31.5", 1440p, 144hz) coming soon, first time stepping up from a 24" 60hz screen. I have a laptop i7 4720hq, GTX 980M to drive it, so really just CSGO and mInecraft for me. But I was wondering, does web browsing and yotube and such have a difference? Like I know some places support the higher refresh rate, and some doesn't. Thanks!
  7. So, I have a ASUS G751JY, and it has a GTX 980M in it. I want to link it to my new AOC CQ32G1, over display port/mini display port. How would I do this, and could the monitor support GSYNC/FreeSync? Would it necessarily matter for a setup I want to use for CSGO, Minecraft, Youtube, and Reddit? Thanks so much, really excited for this!!! (Anything else I should know for this setup that a newbie like me should know? Thanks!)
  8. So, I have an ASUS laptop with a GTX 980M, that I want to link up over DP to my AOC CQ32G1. Will freesync work? Is there a way to make it work if it doesn't, and does it matter? Thanks guys, complete newbie, but VERY excited for my battlestation.
  9. This monitor. Didn't get it from eBay, but it's this item, and I just ordered it, gonna arrive in 5 days. Anything I should know or be aware of? Thanks so much, really excited!
  10. Does it matter for work, CSGO and youtube? I have a laptop to link it up to, i7 4720hq, 980M. Could that run CSGO at 1440p 144hz? I thought it could
  11. I have 6 choices right now, in 2 prices ranges: Could you guys help me figure out which deal is best? I was looking for IPS/VA, and 27" to 32", as I see most people just say that TN is shit for video watching, and is outdated. Also, QHD was a must, again, most people said 1080p on 25+" looks like ass. $300 - Rank these? - Acer XG270HU - SAMSUNG C27JG56 - ASUS Republic Of Gamers XG27VQ $350 - If possible, I'd like to stay away from these, but I do have the budget (barely). Which would be better if I had to, and should I go for one these? - ZEUS 27" WQHD Gaming Monitor 1440p (IDK? Saw it on eBay) - LG 32GK850F-B Or Alternatively I could get a - Monoprice 27in Zero-G Gaming Monitor – 2560x1440p, WQHD, 144Hz, 1ms, FreeSync, HDR Support, 400nits, HDMI, DisplayPort, for 220? If it was up to you guys, could you rank these on: - Value for money - And also, just best regardless of budget. Thanks everyone, first time building a rig, really clueless. (BTW: Anything majorly wrong with ANY of these monitors I should know?)
  12. Entire point is that the desk itself is sentimental, and I want to reuse it....
  13. I'm not sure what category to put this in, but... here goes. (Linus was a painter, he'll forgive me) So... I have this old desk, my dad gave it to me, and I want to reuse it SOMEHOW. The top is this nice looking brown oak color, but I want to make it white/gray. How would I paint the top of a kind of glossy piece of wood indoors? It's on the third floor, so can't really take it outside.