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    Intel Pentium G3258@4.6
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    Asus Maximus VII Hero
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    16GB DDR3 1600MHz CL10
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    CoolerMaster HAF XB Evo
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    Samsung 840 Evo 250GB
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    Corsair RM750
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    Benq 27" 1080p
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    Scythe Mugen 4
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    Razer Blackwidow
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    Razer Imperator
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    Windows 7

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  1. Thanks; I didn't consider that point and I'll bring it up.
  2. thanks for the input as for raid 1 I don't think it's possible to lose 50% of storage space for parity considering it's a budget build. Will raid 5 increase cpu load / be less stable?
  3. Hi everyone, I've been asked to build a basic pc "server" but since I don't have that much experience as far as business related features I figured I'd ask the forum while I make my own research. Use case: this person runs two small business, one is a consulting agency and the other is a martial arts gym. At first this pc would act as a file server for less than 10 people + client management (no idea how to do this yet) and in the future it could host two small websites. There's no mission critical equiment or 100% uptime required here, just decent stability. My main ? are related to RAID (software? hardware? MB budget is around 100 - 150 eur and for now I'm planning 3 x 2TB drives), OS (I don't know much about linux but willing to explore, clients will be mostly be windows-based so I wouldn't want to go down a very annoying road building a linux based server), CPU (thinking Ryzen 5 1600 at around 200 eur). If you have any input or maybe some good resources to read I'd be thankful.
  4. Seems like there's no driver that supports the V5900 and the RX480 at the same time and setting up a VM with GPU passthrough on a Window host is not possible. Guess I'll just assemble the cheapest build to run the card.
  5. Thanks. I'll set up a VM then so I can run the most suited driver for the Radeon card, since the Firepro card is getting quite old and I usually avoid updating the drivers too often to not mess up the work setup.
  6. Hi everyone, I'd like to add a RX480 to a workstation to do some ethereum mining, so I don't need to use display outputs but I just need to use the card to compute. Currently installed is a Firepro V5000 that must stay there. I'm running Windows 7. Do some of you have any experience on this? Am I gonna mess thing up? Thanks!
  7. Hello, thanks. The 120mm fan is mounted with non standard mounting hardware on the outside. The manual shows that 140mm fans must be mounted on the inside, or 120mm radiator must be mounted in between but the mounting hardware for this is not included. About the cable, you make a good point, i didn't think about airflow being blocked. It's true that a few cm away there's the solid side of the psu, so it probably would not change much.
  8. Thanks. This setup gives me some foundation in case i'd want to go with an higher performance build further down the line. Thanks. Best of all the system is silent, i can hear a faint airflow but that's it. Granted it's not very packed in there but still, i'm happy. I've added a high res image link. https://imgur.com/a/qAvEW
  9. Hello everyone. After some thought i decided so assemble a small and low power build for generic use (netflix, internet, some html coding). Here's the part list that i ended up using. Coolermaster Elite 110 - 50eur Corsair VS450 - 42eur Asus AM1I-A -39eur AMD Athlon 5370 2,2ghz -52eur Arctic M1 passive cooler -7eur Kingston HyperX Fury 1x8gb 1600 -36eur OCZ Trion 150 240gb -63eur Wireless PCIEx card -15eur BenQ GW2470H 23,4" 1080p display -130eur I got Windows 10 via Dreamspark, so no charge for that Higher res pics I wanted to share this build because i think that the Elite 110 is a very interesting case and i also wanted to share my experience since there is never much information on low end components online. So here's the low power cpu, this chip is a 4 core 25 watt apu clocked at 2,2ghz based on Kabini cores, and has a integrated low end R3 gpu clocked at 800Mhz. It's quite small. I could tell that the stock cooler was noisy on sight, fitted with a very small fan (i think 40x40 or something around that, did not measure it) So i replaced it with this low cost but great value cooler, the Arctic M1 passive. The cooler is made of aluminium. It's 77x77 mm which, as you'll see, takes up most of the free space around the socket. It quite bigger than the stock cooler, but that's hardly a suprise since it's supposed to cool the apu passively. The fins are thicker and the base and thinner at the top, with the outer ones (first and last) being 1.4mm to 1.7mm thick and the inner ones 0.7mm to 1.2mm thick. The base goes from 4.7mm thick at the outer edge to 6.8mm thick in the center, on top of the cpu. The build quality is solid even if the finish of the base is very coarse. I don't think that it really matters considering the very low thermal output of the apu. All in all, considering this is a 7 EUR product, i think i could not ask for more. I won't comment on the case and power supply, since there is a wealth of information just a google search away. The motherboard was one the cheapest Asus board that i ever owned but i can honestly say that i was pleasantly surprised by its weight the first time i lifted it out of the box. I kind of missed that the board did not have a USB3 on board header, but thankfully the CM case has a USB3 to 2 adapted built into the cable. I don't really mind considering that the rear USB 3 ports are not very far from the front ones. Bottom side of the board holds, left to right, the front panel audio connector (i think that if you plan to install a dual slot gpu you might have some clearance issues with this connector), two USB2 headers, two SATA3 ports, the speaker header and one 4 pin chassis fan header (that works with PWM and DC regulation) Right side of the board holds, left to right, front panel connector (this board does not come with Asus Q-Connectors), ATX power connector, a TPM header and 2 DDR3 slots (note that this platform only supports single channel memory mode) Top side of the board holds, left to right, pins for one USB3 header which is not soldered, one COM and one parallel port header, a 4pin CPU fan header that works both with PWM and DC current regulation. Rear IO consists of separate mouse and keyboard PS2 ports, VGA, DVI, HDMI (i don't think you'd want to make a 4k build with this MB so you won't miss HDMI 2), serial port (why?), 4 USB 2 ports, 2 USB 3 ports, one RJ45 ethernet port and 3 audio jack ports. Basic IO but nothing's missing. The board has one open ended 4x PCIEx slot, good enough for any GPU you would pair with a AM1 APU / CPU. A nice touch was the inclusion of 2 DVDs, one with W10 drivers and one with W8.1 / W7 drivers. I still downloaded them from the Asus website. Accessories are very basic, with a rear I/O shield (very thin and basic, no nice foam layer like on the more expensive boards) and 2 sata 3 cable (one with straight connectors and one with a 90 degree angled connector on one end). One think i think should be included is the front panel Q-Connector. I usually think it's useless on bigger builds, but with this limited space case it would have been nice to have. I still see no point in the other USB or front audio Q-Connectors. Let's start building! Here's the case with standoffs mounted. Here's the APU sitting on the motherboard. Heatsink washers applied to the board Here's the two spring loaded screws that will hold the aluminum heatsink in place Cooler assembled, fairly big but no clearance issues. Here's the board sitting in the case I placed a spare Aerocool DS fan that i had from a different build as the main fan. It is very silent even at full speed and moves a nice amount of air. The 120 mm fan had a very weird mounting system. Four rigid plastic sleeves that locked in place by pushing in a plastic pin. If you decide to use a 140mm fan you'll have to screw it in with normal hardware. Side mounted SSD PSU installation, you have to think about cable routing before this step or you will regret it. I installed the psu with the fan facing up since otherwise it would have sucked in hot air right from the cooler. Considering this is the cheapest PSU from Corsair i'd rather keep it at the lowest possible temp. After running Prime95 for a couple of hours i'm stable at 50 degrees (with 18 degrees ambient). Starting Furmark pushes it at 55 degree. Idle temps are 22 to 25 degrees celsius. CINEBENCH R15 bench gives me these scores OpenGL 14,71 fps CPU multi core 168 cb CPU single core 45 cb Overall the system is very snappy, and i think it provides a pretty nice values for its money, keeping in mind it is an ITX build. I could have gone cheaper with mATX or ATX or higher perf at the same price point. Let me know if you would like to see some game bench, i think it's possible to run older or lighter games at reasonable speed on this apu, but right now i can't think of anything to try.
  10. thanks. i'll go with the low power athlon. i'll update with build pics when i get the components, or maybe i should open a new thread in build logs?
  11. i could go with the CM Elite 110 and a mini itx board i would have to scrap the passive cooling but that's not top priority i have to buy from a store that accepts paypal, so i could get Coolermaster Elite110 49,99eur Corsair VS450 42,19eur Asus AM1I-A 38,99eur Athlon 5370 49,30eur DDR3 8GB 35,99eur OCZ Trion 150 240gb 62,99eur sounds good to you? thank for the feedback
  12. this is the mugen http://www.scythe-eu.com/en/products/cpu-cooler/mugen-4-pcgh.html maybe i can pull it off? i was keeping a G3258 4.7ghz 1.325v fairly cool under load (with fans at low speed) sorry, forgot to say. i've been asked to design a website by a nearby business and i can't do at the office where i work because i would have to stay overtime way too long. so really i only need to run notepad++, filezilla, wampserver and any other tool that i might use, but it's not really intensive workloads. about gaming, right now not my priority - if i have some leftover budget i can get a low end discrete gpu thanks
  13. Hello. I was waiting for my bonus in July to assemble a new system but some work came up that requires me to have a desktop ready (i've being going with only a surface 3 base model since october, going crazy). My first idea was to get something together from used parts. On second thought, i think i'll assemble a new system so that i can sell it right after i get an actual performance build in the summer, with better value. I've come up with the following BitFenix Nova - 38 eur Enermax Naxn 450w -43 eur Asus H110m-k -61 eur Pentium G4440 -65 eur Stick of 8GB DDR4 2133 -37 eur Sandisk Z400s 256GB -62 eur That's about 312 eur or 360 usd, even if you can't really compare the prices because of taxes. That's pretty much my budget, around 300 eur + 100 to 200 for the monitor. For the monitor i was thinking of going used, so i can get a decent panel at a decent price. I also have a Scythe Mugen 4 around, that comes with 2 slipstream 120mm 800rpm fans. I was thinking of leaving the heatsink passive over the cpu and installing the 2 fans in the front of the case. Too risky? Any thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Hello again. I've been thinking about this and i come up with a different solution. I was waiting for my bonus in July to assemble a new system but some work came up that requires me to have a desktop ready (i've being going with only a surface 3 base model since october, going crazy). So my first idea was to get something togheter from used parts. On second thought, i think i'll assemble a new system so that i can sell it right after i get an actual performance build in the summer. I've come up with the following BitFenix Nova - 38 eur Enermax Naxn 450w -43 eur Asus H110m-k -61 eur Pentium G4440 -65 eur Stick of 8GB DDR4 2133 -37 eur Sandisk Z400s 256GB -62 eur I have a scythe mugen 4 pcgh heatsink and i was thinking of leaving it passive on top of the pentium and installing the 2 slipstream 120mm 800rpm fans in the front of the case... or would it be too much heat to dissipate passively? So, i would appreciate your thought! Thanks Sorry, total for the build is 306 euro (350 usd) and i still have to fit a monitor within 450 eur max (what i can spend right now).
  15. ok, thanks everybody. i will keep a look out for more used parts and keep posting here so, if you can spare some time, you can keep helping me out. thanks!