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  1. UPDATE: GPU was covering the fan for the SB, moved it down a slot. Temps sitting at 60C idle now.
  2. Build: ASRock x570 Phantom Gaming Mobo RTX 2080Ti Ryzen 9 3950x Probably worth noting the M.2 SSD is Near the PCIE slot that has the GPU in it. I theorize it's a lot hotter due to the concentration of components, but 90C is still pretty spicy for that. Plus my case has adequate airflow (2 fans blowing air in from the top directly above the build, one in the bottom blowing air into the liquid cooling radiator). Should I be concerned? It's never gone above 90, but still my south bridge is seriously cookin!
  3. I have a bunch of important stuff on my SSD currently... just to be clear, if I do a reinstall will I keep all of my files? And will they all be in the same spot? Like, if I have a folder with a bunch of png’s in it on my desktop, will that folder still be on my desktop after the fact?
  4. Alright, but if I reinstall windows what will happen to all my data on my SSD? Do I need to move the data to another drive?
  5. No I didn’t, the SSD already had windows on it as well as my files.
  6. New PC build ASRock 570x phantom gaming mother board, Ryzen 3950x, 2080ti. Using an SSD from a previous PC build. Every time I restart, the motherboard logo shows on my second monitor and the loading wheel below it spins. Probably worth noting that the wheel lags and stutters and while it’s booting my mouse and keyboard turn off. The boot lasts for almost 11 minutes. I could use some suggestions as to why this boot time is so extraordinarily long, thanks guys.
  7. I ordered a ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming board and I’m returning the MSI board. This should leave me without any concerns for quite a while, plus it looks pretty slick. Thanks everyone for the help!
  8. Ok, I'll invest in a better mobo. I've heard good things about ASUS, I'm running one on my old PC right now actually. Should I run the new mobo through PC builder to double check compatibility issues, you think?
  9. This PC is going to be handling a lot here. It needs to handle both streaming, high quality gameplay, and generating previews for AE (which I already know can be very taxing on a CPU). All at the same time for some situations. It needs to be a beast, and I was merely budgeting the mobo because I didn't realize how dependent it actually was. I thought the more expensive ones where pricier due to their extra ports and aesthetic. I feel pretty stupid haha. But yea, I'm willing to pay more if it's going to be an issue.
  10. Oh damn, are you sure? This is pretty important I don't want my build to fail on me so soon after assembly. Do you think I should get something better?
  11. Is overclocking something I do manually or is it something the chip does automatically? I know that overclocking is running your CPU at a higher lock-rate, which generates more heat, but how often would I be using something like that?
  12. The case is really roomy. I'm going to be using a CORSAIR iCUE H100i RGB PRO XT, 240mm Radiator, Dual 120mm PWM Fans, Software Control, Liquid CPU Cooler
  13. I'm sort of an amateur PC builder so forgive me lol... I really wanted a beefy CPU to help me with my editing (After Effects) so before buying I did some quick research and found that this MSI X-570 Pro was compatible with the chip. The board may fit the chip but are there any concerns I should think about like the board bottle-necking the CPU or anything like that? Temps? Again I'm not very versed in the world of PC building so enlighten me! Should I buy a new board or am I good to go?