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  1. Honestly, great idea. Thank you very much
  2. Any ideas how to improve my setup for cheap? Been building on it for over 3 years now and I'm pretty happy with where it's at. But I'm looking to build it even more into a far better look. Specs CPU: Pentium G4560 GPU: GTX 1060 3GB MOBO: ASUS H110m RAM: 16 GB Trident Z RGB 3200 COOLER: Corsair H110i Platinun RGB CASE: AEROCOOL MID RGB STORAGE: 500 GB WD SSD, 1 TB WD HDD MONITOR 1: Acer XFA240 MONITOR 2: HP 22 cwa MIC: Razer Seiren X KEYBOARD: Logitech g513 MOUSE: Razer Deathadder Elite HEADSET: HyperX Cloud Flight Right side has a cheap rgb diffuser, back side of table has an rgb strip. The PC is still lacking but upgrades are coming soon. It's not much but I've been doing my best Any tips would be greatly appreciated ~ xSzen
  3. xSzen

    Monitor Arm Problem

    I'd love to see, thank you for the idea. I'll dm you tomorrow
  4. I upgraded about two years ago to a dual display setup. Naturally, I need a dual monitor arm to hold both said monitors. A problem I've been dealing with since is that the table I use is a cheap Costco 6 ft flimsy plastic hunk of junk. The monitor stand will not stay on its own because the table cannot support the weight, causing the plastic to dis form and bend. I've had to use a thin sheet of wood to spread the weight of the monitors out. Even after doing this my table still has a substantial bend in it that covers roughly half the table. Any solutions without buying a whole new desk would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ~ xSzen
  5. Any idea if the Asus ROG STRIX b450-F is 3000 compatible?
  6. Ahh ok, I know most boards weren't Ryzen 3000 compatible, I'm glad to hear its turned around. What do you think about the GPU?
  7. Memory is 2x8. Im just worried about having to flash the bios if I do go with ryzen
  8. Primary goal is 144 fps 1080p high settings for most games
  9. My Specs - Pentium G4560 GTX 1060 3gb ASUS h110 matx mobo EVGA 430 80 PLUS AEROCOOL Mid RGB Corsair h100i RGB Platinum 240 AIO 16 GB Trident Z RGB 3200 500 GB WD SSD 1 TB WD HDD 7200 I have about 500$ to upgrade. I'm with where my storage, case, ram, and cooler are at currently. I was thinking of a couple options: Upgrade CPU to i5 9600k and mobo to high end z370 or Upgrade GPU to 2060 SUPER. I'm not quite sure what to do. I'll get more gaming performance out of the 2060 SUPER however, i'll be severely CPU bottle necked. And if I upgrade the CPU + MOBO it won't increase my performance as much as the GPU upgrade would. Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated ~ Thanks