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  1. Should I overclock the RX 590 FATBOY? I have recently bought an RX 590 and I've noticed some pretty serious thermal problems (Gpu reaching over 80 degrees Celsius). Should i do it? Im a bit concerned for its longevity .
  2. So my motherboad only has one fan connector. Is there a way i could transform that into two connections, maybe an adaptor of some sort?
  3. Ah alright thank you very much!
  4. I already have a rx 590 so i should go with the 3300x?
  5. I mean most of the time its gonna be used for gaming, sure im gonna also do some word and powerpoints on it but primarily its gonna be gaming. I usually play Rainbow 6 and Warzone, on medium settings at 1080p
  6. Ah well mainly Rainbow 6 and warzone
  7. What do you mean by load type? What i usually do on the computer? In that case i just game on it
  8. Will a rx 590 and a ryzen 5 3600x create a bottleneck?
  9. So im building a budget Ryzen 5 3600 build with the ASRock B450M PRO4 Micro ATX is that gonna be compatible ,cause on PcPartPicker it says that I MAY need a bios update. Is that necessary?
  10. Unfortunately im not joking my isp is really dumb. One time my internet kept going offline and you wanna know the problem? My isp forgot to do something on their end.
  11. So i have a 500 w power supply (to be exact a Xilence XN052 | XP500R7 ) is that gonna be enough for an rx 590 and a ryzen 5 3600tx?
  12. That was always exposed and only 4 wires were connected not all 8. I dont know who did that but they were placed there by my isp
  13. i found why my internet was so slow only 4 wires were connected.
  14. It might be the cable as the link speed on the cable is 100