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  • CPU
    Intel i5 9400f
  • Motherboard
    Asrock B365 Pro4
  • RAM
    8 Gb Corsair Vengeance
  • GPU
    Gigabyte 1660 Super
  • Case
    darkFlash DLM 21
  • Storage
    500 Gb ssd
  • PSU
    Corsair CX450

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  1. intel cpu. already got nvidia drivers installed
  2. Also whats the chipset driver called? I have an Asrock b365m pro4
  3. someone is using the internet rn n i dont have an ethernet cable lol. ik thats silly
  4. i dont have a cd rom so i was gonna download the driver then transfer them to a usb then put them on my new computer to run them. will this work?
  5. i put it on wrong then had to put it back on. does thermal paste need to be reapplied?
  6. just stock coolermaster from a 212 kit
  7. Is there a software i can download?
  8. if a tiny bit of thermal paste got squeezed out during the cpu cooler installation, is that bad?
  9. I bought a three pack of uphere white led fans for like $13. Then i saw a customer review pic of one of the fans that looked like it lit on fire! Should i get something better or was this a freak occurrence?