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  1. Problem is that prices on ebay for a used buy it now 1080ti are around 800-1000 dollars themselves and at that point I might as well just get a brand new 2080 and have raytracing support, however useless that may be at the moment.
  2. Hey So I've recently upgraded my monitor to a 1440p 144hz display and I'm finding that my 1070 just isn't cutting it for running the games at that frame rate at high settings (running with a 7600k and 16gb of ram if that has any bearing on things) and heck, if I'm gonna spend money on a nice monitor I want to max out my settings. I'm looking to spend about $350-$500 AUD out of pocket, along with the money I could possibly sell the 1070 for which looking at the seemingly non existant used market around Brisbane (I may just be looking in all the wrong places) would bring my total budget up to about 750-900 bucks all up. I would consider sli'ing my 1070, but the motherboard I have (a gigabyte ga-h270-gaming 3 ha, yeah I know, i obviously was a bit of a noob building a system a year ago, paying extra for a k processer when I can't overclock it) dosnt have the pcie lanes to support it and finding a motherboard around here for that processer is incrediblly hard as all the Z270 boards have been discontinued and it's simply not within my means to upgrade my CPU as well. With the cheapest 2070 being $700 aud new and the cheapest 2080 being $1040 aud from my local retailer umart all of the previous generations cards now being discontinued and the used market being atrocious, there dosnt seem to be anything within the sweet spot of my budget. Is there anything anyone can suggest or would it just be a case of waiting until either something new comes along/waiting for the 2080 to come down in price? And would I be spending unnecessary money on a 2080 to run games at max settings at 1440p 144hz? I also have to run a 4k monitor that I use more for media consumption and a 1080p monitor that I use because I like the screen real estate so would that also have a factor on things? Thanks for any help anyone can give me