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  1. @sowon hello i already bought the kailh pro purple switch (2pcs) umm i asked some people ablout my keyboard what switch i should buy and yeah they said that kailh pro purple switch is ok.... so yeah i bought 2 pieces any tips how to install properly? i might break it again
  2. Soneone told me if it doesn't have pins below it is regular so my keyboard is regular only am i right? @sowon
  3. So planning to buy this one, this is 90php/1.85usd for 2 pcs im trying to get the cheapest as possible, the item has good reviews.
  4. i tried opening the inside of the switch using a cutter to lift the sides, tried wiggling the blue one but iit did not fix the problem, why do you think so?
  5. anyways im gonna buy single piece of switch and the seller said Kailh pro purple wont workk with me i need optical ones
  6. i tried putting it back, i was able to remove and install other switches and it went smoothly, when i tried to return the last switch i accidentally placed it a bit turned so when i pushed down the pin bent
  7. ok now the 1 pin is broken tried using soldering iron but didnt work so i have to buy a new one, would the kaihl pro purple work?
  8. Now it looked much worsed than before, i tried opening it but after returning i have to press it very hard for it to detect the press and the blue thingy is deeper than before
  9. ok so what should i do? can you pls give me a step by step instruction, imma try what ur trying to say because im on a budget rn
  10. so i have a gigaware k880 but one of the switches were pushed down (it won`t go backup very high but when i press it, it works) so i just wanna ask if my keyboard switch would be hot swappable with Kaihl pro purple (in the img) i know that my keyboard is hot swappable i already tried removing the switch. i just wanna make sure that my switch is just the same with Kaihl pro purple so that it would work, i mean i just wanna make sure that it`s compatible with my keyboard (gigaware k880) the picture with arrow is my switch with the problem, and the screen shot of the website is the website of the switch i am supposed to buy ( https://novelkeys.xyz/products/kailh-pro-switches - link) and is it compatible with my key cap? i only have to replace 1 switch only.. PLS ANSWER MY QUESTION THANK YOU
  11. i didnt get it lmao, lets say i have my ssd installed with windows running (while hdd removed) at it then i installed msi after burner that is programmed to be launched on startup, then after that shutdown and install my hdd with MSI after burner also then after installing hdd i set boot order to be ssd first my question is which msi afterburner would it open the one in the ssd or the one in the hdd? @bmx6454 TYIA
  12. @bmx6454 @Stahlmann98 what will happen if i have the startup apps in both drives? This question applies to my startup apps Like msi afterburner amd radeon software What will happen if i have duplicate apps? I mean i will also downloas msi afterburner in ssd and i have one in Hdd aswell