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  1. Thanks, ya main reason i took it apart was to clean it, but yeah its too bad i have to replace card to get rid of some of the noise since to replace it i have to sell it and its not to easy in my country. I apreciate all the input tough and this is something ill keep in mind for my next purchase for sure.
  2. Here are some pics of my computer from the inside where can see the graphics card and how they build it. Id pareciate if theres some tips on how i can lower the noise or if theres nothing i can do other than get another system. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, sorry for the delay so here are 4 videos i record whit my phone of the computer running 2 different games so maybe you can heard the noise its doing, the first 2 are when it turns on and running SFV, noise is low, then the other 2 are running FFXIV and it does a lot of noise. Tomorrow i plan on taking the cover out to do a lil cleaning and cheek the graphics card because the books are in my office and because of the virus im not attending. Maybe u guys can point if the big noise comes from the graphics or the fans, if it its the fans ill def buy new ones right away. Thanks
  4. Hello Thank you all for trying to figure out the problem, i know sometimes its hard to detect a computer problem whit just words, but id really wold like to detect what it is to try and fix it if possible. The video card its a gigabite rtx 2080 model i belive i know i have the manual ill try to look for it to make sure and then maybe you can confirm me if it is a fan model or not, i understand that if the game is demanding too much the fans should go max but wow arent there models that dont make this sounds???? As for the Termal past altough i have assamble some computers before i dont fell sure doing the termal past thing. ill record some footage whit my phone and see if i can post it here so you can heard the sound and maybe you great ppl point me in a good solution.
  5. hello i recently made a purchase of a desktop pc and the main reason i buyed a what i think expensive was so that it ran my games cool and not forced or making noise. i dont have many games out of them 2 make soooo much fan noise that even whit the sound bar really up for the games music i prefer to play those games on my ps4 just bc of the noise. computer is: Liquid Cooled Intel i7-9700K, 64GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD + 2TB HDD, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 8GB, 600W Gold PSU, Windows 10 and the games i got are: dark souls 1, 2 and 3, street fighter V, divinity original sin 2 and final fantasy xiv, out of those ffxiv and divinity 2 wich are both old games (final fantasy is like 5 years old and dinity 2-3 i belive) they make sooooooooooooooooo much noise, yet the dark souls games and sf5 barely make noise. so my question is, why they make that much noise? it ough whit a rtx 2080 those games where gonna run silent cause it wont force the video card or is there anything i should cheek that wold lower all that noise? id really apreciate any tips for this as i said earlier i prefer to play on ps4 just bc of the noise on those games. P.s. Oh yeah i play on max settings and i have a 2k res monitor so i play both games on 2k res and max settings.