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  1. Thats why i have glasses with the special coverage
  2. Blue light is not the correct term to be honest because the different shades has different wavelenght. Blue-violet light is the one closest to UV but UV is stopped by the eye natural mechanism, and blue is not and since it has small wavelenght and high energy within time and long exposition cause death cells in the macula which is the spot with the most important cells for color and form vision.
  3. Good job, also 20 min at least before going to sleep turn of your screen and lamps around you so the body natural biological clock can prepare for sleep, blue light is affecting it :)
  4. Macular degeneration process ( eye cells dying in human language) is a process that gets affected by blue light of the screens and appears earlier than normal, also sleep disorders are common because blue light is connected to the body biological clock. Macular degeneration is not something that will give you immediate symptoms , it develops within the years and the result is reduced eye sharpness and others. Thats why its good to protect yourself even if you do not feel anything . Many problems appear only after 60-70 pr of the cells are dead till that number the organism manage to control the loss by using different compensatory mechanisms.
  5. Hello guys, I am a medical student and gamer, with my professor we were doing a research for my channel about blue light effects, and how to protect your eyes during long days in front of the screen ? What do you think! Do you protect yourself?
  6. These were my first tries, i know i just got the itx on sale Afterwards i went into soft tubing but i had spagetti dillema since i made them too long, i have long way maybe to start building aesthetically clean
  7. To be honest before i start my tech channel i was using regular keyboard for everything typing, gaming and i was still good so, keep up with this keyboard you are together long she will not let u down
  8. I really like it, and even though its not super fancy rgb gaming titled i think it will do pretty decent job in gaming Man, lol coding as hobby this is the only subject during my med school that i almost failed i will never forget c++
  9. Oh i just shivered i will be very careful trying
  10. I love steel series i use their rival 600 mouse and their team is always so kind and responsive also they support new content creators even before 1000 subs
  11. Thank you very much for the nice step by step description I need to read more for sure.
  12. Wow! Thank you for the amazing explanation!
  13. HEYO! Wanted to stop in and say hey. Good to see more people interested in the overclocking hobby!

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    2. Pickles - Lord of the Jar

      Pickles - Lord of the Jar

      I know the feeling. I would also check out extreme overclocking forum as well. They have a lot of good folks over there. Plus here on LTT we got some good folks. 

    3. TVwazhere


      @Gabby Tech I have to watch GN videos at about 1.5x speed in order to not fall asleep 😂 His content is good but his presentation doesnt hold my interest, forcing the info faster helps me stay focused. (Especially since he repeats himself..... A lot)

    4. Gabby Tech

      Gabby Tech

      Yeah 😀 when u feel tensed he can just make you fall asleep 

      i try to be more fun in my videos even though i sound dry sometimes also

  14. Lol thats called dedication, put some rgb make em shine