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  1. Aight, thanks a bunch dude. Let's hope everything goes according to plan
  2. I'm gonna be using ethernet, oh and I can use those 110$ that went to os on something else. I've bought 2xCopies of windows a while back when I decided to upgrade, one I'm using on this pc right now, and one is collecting dust somewhere in my room, so, could I add those 100$ to a video card or? Btw those specs are at least 100% better than ones I'm using right now, I have AMD RADEON R7 250 and I don't think they make those cards anymore xd
  3. Complete newb. That's why I came here
  4. So Hello there, I'm trying to build a pc but have no idea what is compatable with what, baisicly I'm total newb when It comes to this. I've had my current pc for 2 years and It was outdated back then so now It's pretty far behind anything reasonable, so I'm asking you guys to help me out here. My buget is 1200e i'm from serbia(3rd world yey) and yea, I was planing to use that rig for streaming >_>