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  1. thats all i needed to hear. i have a 1660 ti and display port
  2. So, I had a g sync monitor that broke, and i got a refund for it. https://www.amazon.com/ViewSonic-XG270QC-Curved-Monitor-FreeSync/dp/B07VKPWYQ5/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=viewsonic+elite&qid=1591293125&sr=8-3 i want this now, but my only concern is that it wouldnt work with g sync when i game? i hate screen tearing, its why i got a g sync monitor. ive heard free sync works somewhat with g sync, how bad would it be?
  3. well at least we know what my prebuild cheaped out on lmao
  4. so basically if i want to do this myself, i need to even out the usage? put the same amount of load on my gpu as the cpu? because yeah, its been 20 gpu 100 cpu
  5. i dont have an issue buying faster ram in the future, like at all its in my budget
  6. So, cool results. 75 percent was max, 50 percent lowest cpu usage and a very steady 86 percent gpu usage. NO DROPS, and may i mention the game looked GORGEOUS? My FPS was 60 to 80. But no drops, man. Ill try the render scaling thing for sure! i dont want to get my hopes up but this is so relieving...
  7. also if it is anything to note, even at lowest settings and 1080p Modern warfare struggles to keep anything above 120 i forgot to mention that. also i remember one of the earliest thing i tried was turning render scaling to 25 and everything down (looks like a ps1 game) and it still stuttered but that was like 2 months ago
  8. the current monitor im using is 1440p, yes. so you want me to run it in 1440p and max, like MAX max? except supersampling lmao thats a bust xD. ill look into the ram although i do think there is a cooler in the way
  9. medium. low-medium actually. is there an easy way to check the slots? my pc has a glass side panel also ignore my in game name its an inside joke
  10. No difference on SSD, however I did figure something out. Vsycned my frames to 60, and cpu usage went to around 50 with no drops. vsycned at 144 and right back up to a very consistent mind you 100. so my pc just cant handle 144? whats weird is i very well remember getting these same stutters on 60fps not too long ago but it does make sense it bothers me again when i change to 144, and now its lagging also this still doesnt explain borderlands. btw no cap on for honor i get 160 average.
  11. Okay, HWiNFO says I have an intel i7 9700f. lol dude my pc has an intel 9th gen sticker on it. yikes. anyways, moving on. yes, i am in dual channel memory, two 8gb sticks. i remember having the games on my ssd and it doing the same thing, but i will move for honor to it, run a few games and report back. i have done quite a few things btw. factory reset then only have for honor downloaded on the sytem to my ssd and it still stuttered it is one of them.
  12. So, I'm going to list my monitor, all my specs letter by letter from how they appear in "speccy", and a few extra details. I have been a console gamer for 8 years, until three months ago. I bought a $1000 prebuilt PC from IBUYPOWER because I don't necessarily know how to make my own, the plan was to learn how to in small steps when I upgraded the parts. So, the experience for the most part has been awesome. I'm just not that experienced with this sort of stuff. I know a little about it, I'm not completely oblivious. I just got a 144 fps g sync monitor, too. So, my monitor is a Dell s2417dg. I also have a generic curved Samsung 60hz monitor I use for some things, but it's usually off when I'm gaming. and yes i make sure in windows it says display on 1 only. My specs: OS: Win10 Home. CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 3.00GHz (under it, it says: Kaby Lake 14nm Technology) RAM: 16.0GB. Motherboard: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. TUF B365M-PLUS GAMING (LGA1151) Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 1660 Ti (Gigabyte) Storage: 223GB Maxtor Z1 SSD 240GB (SATA) and a 931GB Western Digital WDC WD10EZEX-08WN4A0 So, I get lag when I play games such as For Honor, Modern Warfare, and Borderlands 3 (i cant even run bl3 above 70fps, but thats ok to me i just wish the stuttering would go away. I should also say that the lag isnt like.. lag lag. I get 144fps on mw and fh, but on fh i get little microstutters if you will, same with mw but on mw it sometimes is huge spikes. and also if it matters, on for honor i still get stutters at 60fps. for background tasks, i run voicemod, some game launchers (steam, battlenet) spotify, and discord. BUT! if i go into my task manager, there are so many SERVICE HOSTS and stuff that looks like windows things. it makes it hard to find tasks i want too. its a huge list. right now i have this website open, spotify playing, modern warfare open but minimized on its main menu, voicemod, steam, battlenet, discord, and speccy open and my cpu is on 50 percent. Im sorry if this was all over the place, im not good with this kind of stuff. btw 144hz is so smooth..