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    First pc build
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    Let’s go catch this dub
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    Full time HS student


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    b365-F ROG strix
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    16Gb Corsair vengeance
  • GPU
    1650 super Gaming X
  • Case
    NXZT h510
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    HDD 1tb barracuda pro
  • PSU
    Gamemax 600W
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    HDMI,vga ,dvi, dport
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    Cooler master LC aio
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    Logitech gaming
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    Logitech gaming
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  1. So I install my fans like this always on the back of my radiator, someone told me I’ve been doing it wrong and it must be on the front, are they right
  2. Ok guys , Also says 1151 V2 what is this. And does anyone happen to have a spare board that is 1150 I will pay for shipping
  3. On the site it says it’s reccomended 2400+ watt psu . Do I really need to use it for mining NEW ASRock H110 Pro BTC+ 13GPU Mining Motherboard CryptoCurrency
  4. So if I plug a fan into the psu by itself should the fan turn on
  5. Definetly has to be psu Wall plug , It doesn’t even make a sound when I plug it in as in spark Inside outlet or anything
  6. Anything I can video call u on , Hangouts , IG?
  7. Let’s start with the Fact that My pic won’t start, everything connected , I’m hearing my psu is Pretty shitty : Apevia Raptor 500W but could it be cause I accidentally pressed my hand on a little corner cpu pin . Don’t know how to indentify bend
  8. You or anyone who views this mind checking out my pc part picker and tell me if there’s anything wrong
  9. Would the same key work
  10. So I can boot to my HDD , What kèÿ is it for that